Bagels. very tasty

Bagels. Very tasty! The recipe for centuries!

Make bagels according to this wonderful recipe and you will be convinced that these pastries are the most delicious of what you just tried. Bagels just melt in your mouth, tender and fragrant. Do not regret if you cook!


  • sour cream - 200 grams;
  • butter - 200 grams;
  • flour - 500 grams;
  • baking powder - 1 teaspoon;
  • powdered sugar for sprinkling.

Filling options:

  • berry jam;
  • Nutella Chocolate Cream
  • raisins;
  • granulated sugar.

Bagels. Very tasty! The recipe for centuries! Step by step recipe

  1. Sieve flour through a sieve. Take the butter and mix with half the flour, add the baking powder.
  2. Mix the other half of the flour with sour cream and baking powder. Mix everything.
  3. Roll out two doughs and lay one on top of the other. And roll it out thinly again.
  4. Fold the dough four times and roll it out again several times.
  5. Roll the envelope from the dough, wrap it with cling film and put in the refrigerator.
  6. After half an hour, take out the dough, roll out and cut out small triangles.
  7. Put the filling in the middle and wrap the bagels.
  8. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, grease a baking sheet with butter and put bagels not too close to each other.
  9. Such baking is prepared for about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

So the smell went all over the house, and the children were running around trying one more hot one. Do not deny your loved ones pleasure. Have a nice tea from "I like to cook." And be sure to try the delicious bagels and light crispy bagels with poppy seeds and nuts - a real jumble!

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