Banana ice cream lick fingers

Banana Ice Cream Lick Fingers

Insanely delicious banana ice cream, from which the truth does not come off! And most importantly, it is suitable for those who keep a figure, but still can not deny themselves a favorite treat! In addition, banana is an excellent fruit for the prevention of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, so ice cream is also healthy! I once made banana ice cream on the advice of my sister, for which many thanks to her. I’m sharing a banana ice cream recipe that can be prepared with just two ingredients! You do not need an ice cream machine, just a blender and a freezer.


  • banana - 4 pieces;
  • yogurt (low-fat) - 3 glasses;
  • nuts (any) - optional.

Banana ice cream "Lick your fingers." Step by step recipe

  1. Rinse the bananas and peel them. Then cut into pieces and put in the freezer for two hours, placing them on a silicone mold, they will not stick to it.
  2. We get the bananas and chop them in a blender. Then we pour cold yogurt into the resulting mass and mix. We lay out in a bowl. Top can be sprinkled with nuts.

Banana ice cream is a great alternative to shopping! Delicate, light, and most importantly - very tasty! Mmmm ... lick your fingers! With care and love for you and your family, "I love to cook." And pay attention to the preparation of creamy ice cream and ice cream in orange baskets.

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