Beer cookies

Beer cookies

Cookies on beer are the most airy, fast and very tasty. This is exactly the cookie that everyone will always get, and most importantly - without troubles! Cooking it is easy. No, not even simple, but elementary. Do not believe, then try!


  • margarine - 500 grams;
  • flour - 4 glasses;
  • beer - 1 glass;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • sugar for sprinkling.

Cookies on beer. Step by step recipe

  1. Mash the softened margarine with flour (3 cups). Then pour in the beer and add the remaining glass of flour.
  2. Knead the dough.
  3. Then it needs to be divided into several parts, usually I divide it into three, put in the refrigerator for several hours (and if in the freezer, then an hour is enough).
  4. Then roll the dough into a layer. Thickness not less than 0.5 cm. Cut cookies with cookie cutters or just a knife with diamonds.
  5. Beat the egg. Put the cookies on a baking sheet, grease with an egg and sprinkle with sugar. If you want to cook unsweetened cookies, then you can sprinkle it with sesame seeds, salt, seeds.
  6. Heat the oven to 200 ° C, bake cookies until golden brown for 15-20 minutes.

Cookies on beer are very tasty and tasty! Enjoy your meal! Cook with “I love to cook”, everything is delicious with us! Next time we suggest you make cookies on mayonnaise or cookies on margarine.

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