Cheesecakes with cottage cheese in the oven

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese in the oven

Make cheesecakes with cottage cheese in the oven, and your children will no longer say that cottage cheese is not tasty. Awesomely tasty cheesecakes will conquer everyone with their vanilla aroma, beauty and delicate curd filling. They cook quickly (eat up, however, even faster). Do you want to conquer the hearts and stomachs of relatives, neighbors and guests? We start baking delicious cheesecakes right now.


  • 1.5 teaspoon of dry yeast (fresh need 3 times more);
  • 180 milliliters of milk;
  • 4 tablespoons of butter;
  • 4 fresh chicken eggs;
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar sugar;
  • 500 grams of flour;
  • 600 grams of cottage cheese.

Tasty cheesecakes with cottage cheese in the oven. Step by step recipe

  1. In dry yeast, add 1.5 teaspoons of sugar and 50 milliliters of warm milk. Pour the milk a little so that the yeast mix well. Leave to come.
  2. In a deep bowl, mix 180 milliliters of liquid (most of the milk + some water), vegetable oil (I take sunflower) and 3 eggs. Add a pinch of salt and 4-5 tablespoons of sugar. We mix everything with a whisk (or mixer, fork) until smooth.
  3. Add the sifted flour in parts, stirring each time until the flour is dissolved.
  4. Diluted yeast that has stood for 10 minutes and has risen well is sent to the dough, mixed with a little flour.
  5. Sift another part of the flour, mix with a spoon, and then introduce the rest of the flour. It is better to introduce flour in parts so that the dough turns out to have the desired consistency, it is not too hard.
  6. Sprinkle flour on the table, spread the dough and start kneading until the dough stops sticking to your hands, but remains soft. Put in a bowl greased with oil, cover with cling film and wait 20 minutes until it rises.
  7. For the filling, grind the cottage cheese through a sieve, pour a couple of tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, vanillin and one egg. Mix until smooth.
  8. During this time, the dough has risen. Lightly mix it directly in a bowl and leave for another half hour.
  9. We prepare a baking sheet: grease it with a brush with vegetable oil.
  10. Pour the dough onto the table, mix well again and divide into 2 parts. We send one part back to the bowl, and divide the second into 6-8 parts (if you want the cheesecakes to be small - cut into more parts).
  11. We wrap each piece obtained inside to make a ball, and put it on a baking sheet at a considerable distance, because the dough will increase in size.
  12. Lubricate the bottom of the glass with flour and make a recess in our balls (the larger the recess, the more filling will fit).
  13. We put curd filling in each hole obtained (if you like, put more) and grease the cheesecake dough on the edges with yolk. We leave it warm to approach for 10-15 minutes.
  14. We put a baking sheet with curd cheesecakes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
  15. With the second part of the test, we do the same.

Cheesecakes are aromatic, tender, juicy - thanks to a large amount of curd filling. It is impossible to resist: they immediately want to eat. The aroma of vanilla will attract not only your family, but also your neighbors to the table. On the site "I like to cook" you will find many more recipes for delicious and sweet pastries. And be sure to try the royal cheesecake and the royal cheesecake!

The YouTube channel recipe video is for you to help.

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