Cheesecakes with cottage cheese

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese

What an amazing pleasure to inhale the smell of freshly baked cheesecakes with cottage cheese. And then pour the seagull and bite off a slice !!! At this moment, there is only happiness. Yeast cheesecakes with cottage cheese are tender, soft and airy. The seductive aroma of cheesecakes is just crazy, and they turn out exactly the same as in the photo.

I want to share with you a recipe on how to bake cheesecakes with cottage cheese from yeast dough.

Let's see what we need for this.


  • one bag of vanilla sugar;
  • 1.5 teaspoons of dry yeast;
  • 180 milliliters of liquid (water + milk);
  • sunflower oil - 4 tablespoons;
  • chicken eggs - 4 pieces;
  • six tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • a pound of wheat flour;
  • salt;
  • cottage cheese - 600 grams;
  • one chicken yolk for lubrication.

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese. Step by step recipe

  1. Combine the dry yeast, a little sugar and mix.
  2. Pour the yeast with milk (for this you need about 50 milliliters of warm milk) and mix (you can use water instead of milk).
  3. To prepare the dough for cheesecakes, you need 180 milliliters of liquid (I take 150 milliliters of milk and 30 milliliters of water, but the proportion of the liquid can be different).
  4. Pour water with milk, four tablespoons of sugar, butter into a small container, drive in three eggs (it is best to use homemade eggs), add a pinch of salt and mix well until smooth with a whisk (you can use a mixer).
  5. Pre-sifted flour for the preparation of yeast cheesecakes.
  6. Add a little sifted flour to the egg mixture and mix.
  7. Then add yeast to the batter and mix again.
  8. And now pour the remaining flour in small portions into the dough and mix (if adding the flour to the dough in parts, then the baking will be soft and soft).
  9. Sprinkle the table with flour, put the dough for the cheesecakes and knead (add flour if necessary). The dough for cheesecakes should be soft, but not sticky to the hands.
  10. We take a small bowl, grease the dishes with sunflower (or olive) oil, put the dough for cheesecakes there and cover the bowl with cling film. Leave for 20 minutes to make the yeast dough fit.
  11. Pass the cottage cheese for the cheesecakes through a sieve (so that the cottage cheese is smaller and softer), add a couple of tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, one bag of vanilla sugar, one chicken egg and mix well until smooth.
  12. After 20 minutes, when the dough comes up, we crush it with your hands, cover with cling film and leave it to rise again for another 30 minutes.
  13. Grease a baking tray for cheesecakes with a silicone brush with vegetable oil (if you do not want to grease a baking sheet with oil, you can cover it with baking paper).
  14. We spread the airy dough on the table, slightly crumple and divide into two parts.
  15. We crush one part of the test and divide into 6-8 parts.
  16. Then we take each piece of dough, wrap the edges of the dough underneath and in this way we form a ball of yeast dough. We spread the balls from the dough on a greased baking sheet at a certain distance (because during the baking the cheesecakes will increase significantly).
  17. Squeeze a depression in the middle of the dough with the bottom of the glass (to prevent the glass from sticking to the dough, you need to crush the bottom with a little flour).
  18. Put the finished curd filling on the dough.
  19. Optionally, grease the edges of the cheesecakes with whipped chicken yolk.
  20. We leave the tender cheesecakes with the filling, greased with the egg for 15 minutes, so that they fit a little.
  21. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake cheesecakes for 25-30 minutes.
  22. We take out the baked cheesecakes from the oven and transfer them to the lattice, covered with parchment paper: until completely cooled.

You can add raisins or dried fruits to the cheesecake filling. Or, on top of the curd, you can put a raspberry berry - it will look very original. "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit! And we recommend you pay attention to the preparation of Valga cheesecakes with cottage cheese and cheesecakes.

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