Chocolate sausage made from cocoa and cookies

Chocolate sausage made from cocoa and cookies

I remember how in childhood my mother very often made chocolate sausage from cocoa and cookies. This dessert conquered the hearts of both adults and children with its unsurpassed chocolate-vanilla aroma and delicate taste: it simply melted in the mouth. The recipe for chocolate sausages was opened to me by dad. Once he told me how to make this sausage dessert. Today I will share my secret with you. Cooking it is very easy and fast: which is a big advantage. Plus, you will be able to show imagination in serving the dish, and please your family with a chocolate “paradise”. So, let's get down to business.


  • a pound of shortcake (0.5 kg);
  • 1-3 tablespoons of cocoa;
  • 150 milliliters of milk;
  • 200 grams of butter;
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar;
  • walnuts;

Chocolate sausage made from cocoa and cookies. Step by step recipe

The recipe for chocolate sausages with cookies has been familiar to many since childhood. The advantage of the dessert is its quick and easy preparation. No need to spend hours understanding the cooking sequence and technology of the dish. Everything is extremely simple here. To get a wonderful chocolate sausage, it is enough to perform sequential actions.

  1. Take shortbread cookies. It should be noted that it should be soft and easy to break. In large pieces. Most often, for a recipe for chocolate sausages, I buy cookies "Baked Milk", "Before Cava" or "For Tea". You can use other types of cookies.
  2. We take walnuts (or any other). It is necessary to grind them so that they are not large, but also do not become crumbs. Add to the liver.
  3. Take a bowl that is adapted to fire. Pour sugar into it.
  4. Add cocoa to the sugar.
  5. We open a pack of butter and together with sugar we send it to the working dishes.
  6. Pour milk there. We put a bowl on the fire. We need to dissolve the oil.

It is very important not to let the mixture boil. It should be heated in such a way that a mass of uniform color is formed, and the sugar melts.

  1. The next step is to mix the hot liquid with pieces of cookie. To do this, gradually add the mixture to a bowl of oil. First, take only half the cookies and nuts. Then mix the ingredients thoroughly. After that, pour out all that remains and also stir. Since the dissolved mass is hot, it is absorbed very quickly. We should get a thick mixture that needs to be poured deeper into the vessel - this will make it easier to mix all the ingredients.
  2. As a result of mixing, a very dense mass is obtained that does not adhere to the surface of the container.
  3. We take the cling film, lay it on the table, and pour our dessert on its surface. The mixture must be decomposed into approximately one third.
  4. We begin to fold the cling film, forming a chocolate sausage from cookies. We twist both ends so that the shape is clear and even. It’s better not to make it too thick: it will cool longer in the refrigerator. The optimal diameter of chocolate sausage from cookies is 5 - 7 cm.
  5. After you form a chocolate sausage from cookies and cocoa, you need to wrap it again with a film to avoid the penetration of extraneous odors. By the way, you can use food paper.
  6. Subject to all proportions and ingredients prescribed in the recipe for chocolate sausage from cookies, you will get 3-4 sticks. The amount depends on the size of the dessert.
  7. Send them to the refrigerator: for about 1.5 hours. This time is enough to completely harden the dessert.
  8. After time, we take out sausages from the refrigerator. Remove the film and put the dessert on paper. Cut into small pieces and spread on a plate.

The treat for the guests is ready. Dessert can be drunk with tea or coffee in the morning, replacing breakfast. You can watch a video of the recipe for chocolate sausages from cookies on the site "I like to cook." Here you will find instructions on how to cook various dishes that will also delight your family members.

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