Churros - spanish donuts

Churros - Spanish Donuts

Churros conquered the hearts and stomachs of not only Spaniards and tourists who visited sunny Spain, but also everyone who at least once tasted this dessert. It is prepared from a minimum of ingredients - water and flour, with the dough being choux. Churros is fried in a large amount of vegetable oil, so it turns out crispy on the outside and soft inside. Distantly homemade churros recipe resembles our brushwood or donuts. Traditionally, it is served with hot chocolate, into which this baking is dipped. It’s more common for us to sprinkle the finished churros with powdered sugar. At step by step cooking churros with photo you can not do without a confectionery syringe. Confectionery envelope may not cope with a tight custard dough. The dough is squeezed out of the syringe in the form of rings or lasso - exactly in this form churros is served in Spain.

Ingredients for Making Spanish Churros Donuts

Water 1 tbsp.
Flour 1 tbsp.
Salt pinch
Lemon zest 1 PC
Vegetable oil 200 g

Step by step cooking Spanish donuts churros with photo

  1. Put on the fire to boil 1 tbsp. water. To give churros a little citrus aroma and taste, you can brew a zest of lemon or orange, for this, drop a few pieces into the water, and when it boils, remove them from there.
  2. Add salt to the water as well.
  3. Pour hot water into the sifted flour gradually and knead the dough.
  4. The dough should be tight and stick to the walls.
  5. Fill the syringe with custard dough, use the nozzle with an asterisk.
  6. Put on the greased parchment for yourself blanks of dough, rings, curls or sticks.
  7. Pour a vegetable oil about two fingers high into a small stewpan, bring to a boil and drop the first batch of churros.
  8. Turn the churros during cooking to fry on all sides. It should acquire a beautiful golden hue.
  9. Remove the prepared churros with a slotted spoon and transfer them first to napkins and then to the dish. Sprinkle churros with powdered sugar if desired.

Churros is served hot with hot chocolate or other sweet sauce. Enjoy your meal!

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