Coconut cake cream

Coconut Cake Cream

Making cream for the cake at home is very easy: especially coconut cream for the cake, which consists of only three ingredients. Therefore, I often cook it with my children. Creamy coconut flavor combined with delicate white chocolate will be the perfect complement to any cake or cupcakes. This wonderful cream tastes very much like everyone's favorite Raffaello sweets. Therefore, if you like them too, join us: we will prepare the best cream from cream and chocolate.


  • white chocolate - 100 grams;
  • cream 33% - 260 milliliters;
  • coconut flakes - 30 grams.

Coconut cream for the cake. Step by step recipe

This amount of chocolate-coconut cream is enough for us to decorate ten cupcakes or for a layer of one cake with cakes with a diameter of 20 centimeters.

  1. Pour cream with a fat content of at least 30% into the pan and add coconut flakes.
  2. Tip. It is better to take oily coconut flakes, which contains coconut oil - it is more delicious and tender.
  3. Bring the cream to a boil: but, in no case, do not boil.
  4. Add crushed white chocolate to the hot cream and leave it to melt.
  5. Tip. If the cream has cooled a little, and the white chocolate has not yet melted, then you can warm the cream a little more: but, it is very important not to heat the chocolate and cream to a high temperature - otherwise they will curl.
  6. The melted cream-chocolate mixture will acquire a yellowish tint and a uniform structure. Then we shift it to a cool place for several hours: you can prepare the cream in the evening and leave it overnight.
  7. When the coconut cream for the cake cools well, you need to beat it with a mixer. Then homemade cream becomes dense and airy, keeps its shape well.
  8. We put the finished cream in a pastry bag. And with it, we decorate our pastries: cake or cupcakes.
  9. Tip. For coconut cream with white chocolate, it is better to take a large nozzle for a pastry bag: since a small one, in the form of an asterisk, will quickly clog with coconut flakes.
  10. Layered cake cakes, best biscuit, layered with a gentle, tasty homemade cream. This layer is also suitable for meringue: because it holds its shape, it does not melt. So the protein meringue will remain the same crispy and airy.

You can also fill and decorate small cupcakes with cream and chocolate cream. To do this, make a small depression in the cupcake itself and fill it with cream. In the middle you can put almonds or hazelnuts, and on top, with the help of a pastry bag with a nozzle, decorate the pastries with spiral movements. You can just make a little hat out of cream. Garnish with nuts, coconut, or grated chocolate. All that is enough for your imagination. What confectionery products can still be decorated and stuffed with coconut cream, you can find out on our site “I like to cook”.

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