Cream cake cream

Cream Cake Cream

Cream cake cream is a classic cooking. A gentle, airy cream that perfectly absorbs into cakes, and at the same time does not lose its shape - a wonderful addition to any cake. But often the housewives are afraid to spoil it during cooking. I will tell you a few secrets, using which, you will get a wonderful airy creamy cream for the cake. There are many rules for the preparation of cream, but I offer the most optimal, in my opinion, option.


  • cream 30% - 300 grams;
  • sugar - 3-4 tablespoons;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon.

Cream cream for the cake. Step by step recipe

  1. Before starting to prepare the cream, put the cream for 45-60 minutes in the refrigerator. They need to cool very well.

Tip. A very important rule for the preparation of cream - cream must be at least 30% and always chilled.

  1. Add sugar and vanilla sugar to a deep bowl with chilled cream - and begin to whip with a mixer. Of course, you can whip the cream with a whisk, but it will take a lot more time and effort.
  2. Some housewives whip the butter cream for the cake on an ice pillow so that the cream does not melt during whipping. You can use a thickener for cream when preparing a cream, but this is not necessary if you use greasy cream for the cream.
  3. To prevent the cream from being too sugary, add a few drops of lemon or lime juice to it.
  4. We check the readiness of the cream: if, when raising the whisk, the cream keeps the “peaks” and the shape of the “furrow” - then the cream is ready.

Tip. It is also important not to interrupt the cream, otherwise it will exfoliate into oil and liquid, and then it can not be used as cream for the cake.

Gentle and airy butter cream is good to use to fill the baskets, decorating them with fresh or canned fruits, or berries. The combination of a crispy basket and cream is a wonderful dessert that can be presented as the culmination of a wonderful delicious dinner. The cream also goes well with appetizers: it can be used for canapes by squeezing a cracker onto a cracker using a pastry bag. Top with a slice of herring or red fish, with a slice of lemon. But then you don’t need to put sugar in the cream, but it’s better to salt it a little.

Butter cream for biscuit cakes is very good. It makes a wonderful layer that holds the shape of the cake, and the cake itself looks tall and beautiful. Especially often these cakes are baked for special occasions: anniversaries, weddings.

Butter cream for cake perfectly holds its shape, so it can be used as a layer for mastic or icing, not to mention decorating cakes: using different techniques, using pastry bags and syringes. With the help of the “I Love Cooking” site you can find out many more interesting , simple recipes that will appeal to your family and conquer your guests. And be sure to try semolina cream and curd cream for gelatin cake.

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