Crispy fine brushwood recipe

Crispy Fine Brushwood Recipe

Thin crispy brushwood sprinkled with sweet sugar powder is a favorite treat since childhood: it was often prepared by my grandmother. From a small lump of dough, you get a huge bowl of golden crisp brushwood. A very simple and economical recipe was inherited: I offer it to you.


  • whole wheat flour - 200-250 grams;
  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • salt to taste;
  • icing sugar - for powder.

A recipe for crispy thin brushwood. Step by step recipe

  1. Break two eggs into a bowl, salt them and shake them with a whisk.
  2. Sift the flour into a separate bowl. For baking, it is better to take whole grain flour.
  3. We make a slide in the flour, in the middle of it - a small depression and pour in the beaten eggs.
  4. Knead a tight and elastic dough. Knead until smooth.
  5. We cover the dough with a linen napkin and give it a little rest.
  6. On a tabletop sprinkled with flour, cut a little, about 50-70 grams of dough and roll it out well, if necessary, sift the flour so that the dough does not stick. The thickness of the test should be 2-3 millimeters. The thinner the dough for brushwood - the better.
  7. We cut our rolled dough into stripes, in the form of rhombuses, rectangles, or any other figures that you like.
  8. My grandmother cut the dough into rhombuses, and in the middle of each rhombus made a small incision and pushed each end of the dough through the hole. Thus formed a home brushwood.
  9. In a deep frying pan, cauldron or pan with a thick bottom and walls, heat the oil. In the hot oil of vegetable origin, lower our brushwood and, as soon as it starts to golden, turn it over to the other side. Fry on both sides. Strongly fry brushwood is not necessary - it will be crispy anyway.
  10. Tip. For deep-frying it is necessary to use only refined oil - it does not foam and does not have extraneous odors. You can add half the melted pork fat to the oil. It should also be odorless, white. Pork lard is heated quickly and has a boiling point higher than regular oil. Therefore, our crunches will be more roasted and golden.
  11. Fried crispy brushwood, cooked at home, must be laid out on a paper towel to stack excess fat. It is better to take a napkin so that the products do not stick to the napkin.
  12. Then, still hot, through a strainer, sprinkle with powdered sugar. The strainer is used to distribute powdered sugar evenly over the entire surface and add sweetness to our crunches. You can add a little vanilla to the powder - then the homely delicate brushwood will acquire a delicate vanilla flavor. You can also add cocoa powder to powdered sugar - then the crunch will have a chocolate flavor.
  13. Tip. You can also add a little melted butter to the vegetable oil - and our brushwood acquires a creamy taste.
  14. My grandmother added a few tablespoons of vodka to the brushwood dough — it made the brushwood even more bubbly and crunchy.
  15. There is another kind of brushwood - on batter. For this preparation of crunches, you need to beat one egg with a pinch of salt, gradually add a glass of wheat flour, gradually dilute with water or milk. The liquid should be approximately a glass. At the end, add a couple of tablespoons of vodka and mix the dough until smooth. The consistency of the dough for brushwood should be the same as for pancakes.
  16. Baking brushwood from batter is necessary with the help of a special, metal figured shape. It must be dipped first in hot oil, then dipped in batter and again lowered into deep fat until fully cooked. If you do not have a special device for baking brushwood, then you can just pour the dough into hot oil with a spoon. When the brush turns golden, it needs to be removed on a thick paper towel or towel so that all the excess oil is glass. Then you need to give sweets to delicious, delicate home-made brushwood - sprinkle with powdered sugar: and you can immediately serve it to the table.

In order to make brushwood colorful, when kneading dough, you can add several tablespoons of red beet juice or food colors. You will get a multi-colored interesting home brushwood, which will delight not only children but also adults. Cook along with the “I love to cook” website, scoop up new ideas, get inspired and produce real culinary masterpieces.

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