Custard king's easter

Custard King's Easter

A special dish for the Bright holiday is custard tsar's Easter. Easter is an obligatory ritual dish of the holiday, “blessed”. The shape of Easter (a truncated pyramid) is also not accidental: it concentrates God's grace in itself. Delicious curd Easter, with aromas of dried fruits and citrus fruits, with a light nutty flavor - a truly royal treat on the Easter table. Gentle curd with chocolate flavor is the highest gift of nature.


  • 400 grams of cottage cheese (preferably fatty);
  • 200 grams of sour cream 20% fat;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 70 grams of soft butter;
  • 2 chicken eggs (or 3 yolks);
  • 100 grams of milk chocolate;
  • two teaspoons of corn starch (you can also potato, an incomplete tablespoon);
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar;
  • zest of half a lemon (optional);
  • 50 grams of nuts;
  • 50 grams of dried fruit.

Custard tsar Easter. Step by step recipe

  1. Wash cottage cheese (it is better to use with a high degree of fat content) through a sieve, or pass through a meat grinder or grind in a blender.
  2. Finely chop nuts and dried fruits, mix in one bowl.
  3. In a stewpan, mix sugar, vanilla sugar and starch, mix. We drive the eggs into the dry mixture and mix with a whisk until smooth. Add sour cream, mix again.
  4. We put the stewpan on a small fire. With constant stirring, bring to a boil and to thicken (about one minute).
  5. Turn off the fire, add small pieces of chocolate and butter at room temperature to the hot mass, mix until the products are completely dissolved.
  6. The resulting homogeneous chocolate mass is combined with cottage cheese (mixer or spatula). Do not whisk, but simply achieve uniformity. We clean for an hour in the refrigerator - until completely cooled.
  7. Cooking the dishes: you can use the pasochnitsa, but if it is not, then any dishes with holes. (Take a plastic cup and make holes in its bottom so that there is a place to drain liquids). We cover with gauze folded in several layers. We count the gauze length so that it can cover Easter from above. We put the cup on the pallet (an ordinary plate can play its role).
  8. Pour nuts and dried fruits into the cooled curd mass, add the lemon zest. Mix with a spatula.
  9. We transfer Easter from cottage cheese to the dishes covered with gauze (it is better to moisten the gauze with water and squeeze so that it fits better to the walls of the dishes). Shake the dishes a little, so that the mass is evenly distributed. Cover the ends with gauze. We put a plate on top, and on it is a load (a liter jar of water). We clean in the refrigerator - at least for a day. Drain the fluid periodically.
  10. Turn the finished custard Easter on a serving plate and carefully remove the cheesecloth.
  11. You can decorate the royal Easter from cottage cheese as you wish: chopped nuts, cookies, chocolate or pralines.

Tasty, delicate and fragrant custard royal Easter will decorate your table and give the family the grace of God. The site "I love to cook" wishes you happy holidays and spring mood. And to live a better taste, come to us for new recipes.

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