Delicious homemade sour cream cake

Delicious homemade sour cream cake

Today I want to share a recipe for a simple but insanely delicious Sour Cream cake, which is easy to make at home. I often made this cake when I was breast-feeding a baby, and now I’m spoiling my baby who has grown up. Homemade "Sour Cream" is a very tasty, delicate cake, easy to prepare, from readily available products, and most importantly - it is without any harmful chemistry. If you have not decided yet what to bake interesting and sweet for your loved ones, my advice to you: make a "Sour cream"! And how to cook it at home, I will write in detail on "I love to cook."


For light cake:

  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • flour - 180 grams;
  • sugar - 100 grams;
  • sour cream - 110 grams;
  • soda - 10 grams.

For dark cake:

  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • sour cream - 110 grams;
  • soda - 10 grams;
  • sugar - 100 grams;
  • flour - 130-150 grams;
  • cocoa powder - 30-50 grams.

For cream:

  • sour cream - 225 grams;
  • sugar - 200 grams.

Delicious homemade sour cream cake. Step by step recipe

  1. We prepare light cake for the cake "Homemade sour cream": beat eggs with sugar until light foam.
  2. Add soda to sour cream and stir: you will see how the mass immediately begins to rise. If the reaction is sluggish, then I recommend adding 1 teaspoon of table vinegar.
  3. Combine the eggs with sour cream, mix.
  4. Sift the flour and introduce it in small portions into the egg-sour cream mixture, kneading well so that there are no lumps.
  5. Cover the baking dish (I have a diameter of 20 centimeters) with parchment, grease it with a thin layer of vegetable or butter, pour the dough and send it to the oven preheated to 180-200 degrees. Bake for about 30-35 minutes.

Check the readiness with a wooden skewer or a toothpick: if you pierce the cake, the dough should not remain on the skewer. Another piece of advice on determining the readiness of cakes: the finished dough is springy, that is, when pressed with a spatula, it will immediately return to its original form.

  1. Remove the baked cake from the mold, leave to stand until completely cooled. I carefully separate the parchment from the cake when it becomes a little warm, and then leave it to cool.
  2. Using this principle, we also prepare the second dark crust of “Sour cream”: beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream mixed with soda.

There is a slight caveat for dry ingredients: a chocolate biscuit recipe involves adding 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa. But the total amount of cocoa and flour should total 180 grams. If you decide to add more cocoa powder, then you need to reduce flour by such an amount. This is done so that the white and dark dough are the same in consistency: respectively, and the pies for splendor are equal.

  1. We bake chocolate cake in the same way as from light dough.
  2. The baked dark pie should also stand until completely cooled.

For a faster cooling process, I use a grill: I put it in such a way that there is a sufficient flow of air from underneath to the cake. Then it cools as evenly as possible.

  1. While both cakes are cooling down, we prepare a simple sour cream: sour cream (it is better to take homemade, or store-bought - with a fat content of at least 20%), combine with sugar, mix well and leave for 15-20 minutes to dissolve the sugar: at the same time, periodically mix the mass. Vanillin can be added to the cream for a brighter taste.
  2. Beat the cream with a mixer until splendid.
  3. Cut the cooled cakes (they should stand for at least 2-3 hours) lengthwise into 2 parts: you get 2 light and 2 chocolate cakes. Cut the edges of the cakes - we will use them to sprinkle the cake.
  4. We spread each cream cake “Sour cream” with cream and put it on the dish in a pile, alternating chocolate and light.
  5. With the remaining cream, grease the edges of the homemade Sour Cream and sprinkle them with crumbs.
  6. The cake should be well soaked in cream, so put it in the refrigerator: at least for the night.

Our homemade sour cream cake is ready! The biscuits turned out to be very soft, tender. And the cream gave the cake a richness and delicious taste. My opinion: rather than buying store cakes with obscure additives, it is better to bake a simple but very tasty Sour Cream pie at home. Believe me, guests will certainly be pleased with such a treat. Moreover, this is a real ecological product that can be eaten by children from an early age. Be with us on “I love to cook: we have a lot of delicious, simple and healthy dishes that are easy to prepare at home

Enjoy your meal!

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