Detachable apple charlotte

Detachable apple charlotte

What can be tastier than fragrant home-made pastries - only apple charlotte, which we will cook in an unusual way today. Get ready to receive a new dose of culinary skills from I Love Cooking, because you will learn how to cook an exclusive super-delicious pie that only you can make.


  • milk - 200 milliliters;
  • dry yeast - 11 grams;
  • eggs - 1 piece;
  • sour cream - 1.5 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • salt - on the tip of a knife;
  • butter - 75 grams;
  • flour - 400 grams.

For filling:

  • apples - 600 grams;
  • brown sugar - 50 grams;
  • cinnamon - 1/4 tablespoon;
  • sunflower oil.

Detachable apple charlotte. Step by step recipe

  1. Heat milk and dissolve yeast, sugar, salt in it. Add sour cream, egg and pre-melted butter. Mix.
  2. Pour the flour slowly, knead the dough.
  3. Leave warm for half an hour.
  4. Cut apples into slices.
  5. Mix the sugar for the filling with cinnamon and tumble each apple slice on both sides in this mixture.
  6. When the dough has come, we roll it into a layer a little less than one centimeter thick.
  7. Cut circles. On each of them we put a piece of apple and pinch. So do with every circle.
  8. Spread on greased baking paper and greased form and fill it. Sprinkle with the mixture of sugar and cinnamon that remains.
  9. We put in a warm place again for 20 minutes.
  10. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  11. Bake our charlotte for 25-30 minutes until it is browned.
  12. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  13. The pie is ready!

The detachable apple charlotte is wonderfully suitable for receiving the most dear guests, because it has an airy test and a delicate taste! And be sure to try the charlotte with caramelized pears and airy apple charlotte.

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