Divinely delicious cakes in the oven


Divinely delicious cakes in the oven

I want to tell you how to cook divinely delicious pastry in the oven. I call them a win-win option - they prepare quickly and easily. They can easily be made even by a novice, but they are obtained as a chef with great experience in cooking pastry. From the oven you get lush, fragrant, ruddy, sweet cakes - a jumble! You can come up with a different filling for them, but I want to offer you a deliciously delicious one: pumpkin and apples. You will be delighted! To make it clear to you, I’ll try to “Very Delicious” as detailed as possible, step by step to paint the process of making butter cakes in the oven. But if you have any questions, write, I will be glad to help.


  • flour - 800 grams;
  • milk - 300 milliliters;
  • granulated sugar - 120 grams;
  • margarine - 200 grams;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 pack;
  • dry yeast - 1 pack;
  • eggs - 4 pieces;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil for greasing a baking sheet.

For filling:

  • sugar - 1 cup;
  • butter - 50 grams;
  • apples - 5-6 pieces;
  • pumpkin - 0.5 kilograms;
  • lemon - 0.5 pieces (juice, zest).

Divinely delicious cakes in the oven. Step by step recipe

  1. In 100 milliliters of warm milk, add dried yeast and a tablespoon of sugar, stir until completely dissolved and put in a warm place for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Separately, grind the eggs with the rest of the sugar, pour in the remaining warm milk and add salt and vanillin. Beat this mixture well with a whisk.
  3. Melt margarine and pour a little warm into the milk-egg mixture. You can heat both in a water bath (boil water in a small saucepan and put a bowl of margarine on top: keep until it is completely dissolved), and over low heat. Only in the latter case, try to stir it often so that it does not overheat much, otherwise an unpleasant aftertaste may appear.
  4. Add the swollen yeast, mix well.
  5. Sift the flour and gradually add it to the liquid ingredients, knead a soft, elastic dough. It must be kneaded until it begins to lag behind hands. For convenience, this can be done on a table sprinkled with flour.
  6. Roll the dough into one bowl, transfer to a dry bowl, cover with cling film or linen towel and leave to approach for about 30 minutes.
  7. Prepare the filling: peel the apples and pumpkin, cut into small cubes, approximately 0.5x0.5 centimeters.
  8. Grate the zest of half a lemon and squeeze the juice.
  9. Pour the apples with lemon juice so that they do not darken. About 1-2 tablespoons of juice are needed.
  10. Melt the butter in a thick-bottomed stewpan and add sugar, mix well. Add pumpkin, apples and simmer over low heat, stirring until they are soft. (For the filling, choose hard apples, otherwise in the cooking process, they can turn into pulp. And the pumpkin should be sweet varieties).
  11. Transfer the filling into a bowl, cool and then add the lemon zest and mix.
  12. When the dough is suitable, it will increase by about 2.5 times, it needs to be kneaded, rolled into a layer 0.7 cm thick, cut out with a glass of mug.
  13. For each circle in the middle put a teaspoon filling, pinch like a dumpling. We take it with the two hands at the corners of the pie and pull it in different directions, pull it out by about 2 centimeters each, and then glue them. When we turn the pie over, it will look like a rectangle with rounded edges.
  14. Pour a little vegetable oil in a saucer.
  15. Dip each pie side and bottom in vegetable oil and put on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. The pies should touch each other with a greased side (so that they do not stick together during baking in the oven).
  16. Cover with a towel and leave to approach for 30 minutes. Before sending to the oven, you need to grease the pies with whipped yolk.
  17. Bake for about 25-35 minutes. If you have an electric oven, the temperature should be 180 degrees, if gas - 200 degrees. Please note that the baking was magnificent, do not open the oven for the first 10-15 minutes after you put the dough in it, otherwise it will settle.

But after you take the baking sheet out of the oven, cover it with a towel and leave it so that the pies stand and cool a little.

Our delicious baked pastries in the oven are ready! What a flavor - hard to resist! The dough turned out fluffy, the filling is juicy, soft, sweet - there is such a baking a real pleasure. It is really very simple, fast, tasty, and also - a budget option for treating your family and guests. Join us for “Delicious”, here are just step-by-step, detailed recipes that will help you easily prepare the most delicious dishes!

Enjoy your meal! And pay attention to the Top 5 recipes for quick and tasty pies and pies from yeast choux pastry.

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