Fast pretzel with fondant

Fast pretzel with fondant

When I read the children "Fly Tsokotuha", we wanted the same real pretzel with fondant as she treated the guests. I had to run to the kitchen and look for a recipe for its preparation. Fortunately, all the ingredients were at hand, and we started. Before they had a chance to look around, the children were holding tasty large pretzels in their hands, generously covered with thick sugar fudge. Fortunately there was no limit! I suggest you cook these great pretzels.


  • premium wheat flour - 300 grams;
  • cow's milk - 225 milliliters;
  • dry yeast - 6 grams;
  • salt - half a teaspoon;
  • sugar sand - 2 teaspoons.

For fudge:

  • sugar sand - 500 grams;
  • water - 200 milliliters;
  • citric acid - half a teaspoon.

Additionally, for the preparation of an alkaline solution, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 liter of water are required.

Fast pretzel with fondant. Step by step recipe

  1. Pour sifted wheat flour, dry quick-acting yeast, sugar into a bowl for making dough. Stir so that the yeast is distributed over the flour.
  2. Pour in warmed milk (not more than 40 degrees, since the yeast dies at high temperatures), add salt and mix well.
  3. We cover the bowl with cling film and let the dough rest 10 - 15 minutes: during this time it will become soft and elastic.
  4. Then lightly sprinkle the working surface with flour, put the dough on it and knead it with your hands for 5 minutes.
  5. We round the dough, return it to the bowl, cover with cling film and put in a warm place for 50 - 60 minutes for proofing.
  6. While the dough rises, we will prepare fudge for our pretzels.
  7. Pour 500 grams of sugar into a saucepan or stewpan with a thick bottom and pour 200 milliliters of water.
  8. And now the most crucial moment! We need to heat this mass to a temperature of 120 - 130 degrees. To measure the temperature, it is necessary to use a special thermometer: if we warm it harder, then the syrup will turn into caramel, and if we do not warm it, it will be difficult to whip the fudge.
  9. During the boiling (boiling) of syrup, foam appears on its surface - it must be collected so that the finished fudge has a uniform consistency.
  10. Dissolve citric acid in a tablespoon of hot water.
  11. When the temperature of the sugar syrup reaches 120 degrees (about 13 minutes of cooking over medium heat), remove it from the heat and add one teaspoon of citric acid solution. Mix well.
  12. Now we need to cool the syrup to a temperature of 50 degrees. To speed up this process, I advise you to put the stewpan with syrup in another pan of larger diameter with ice water.
  13. We crumble the approached dough and divide it into five equal parts: this recipe is designed for five pretzels. This is best done using a kitchen scale.
  14. We give each piece of dough a small sausage and give them another 5-10 minutes rest.
  15. Then we begin to roll out each piece. Roll out hands from the center to the edges. You should get a long thin tourniquet, about 50 centimeters long.
  16. From each bundle we make a pretzel. (Raise the ends of the tow up, twist them crosswise, lower them and press the ends to the base). Below, under the recipe, is attached a video with a detailed description of this process.
  17. If necessary, give each pretzel a symmetrical shape and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  18. Now that the sugar syrup has cooled to the desired temperature, we begin to knead it very intensively with a wooden spoon or with the help of a dough mixer: until the mass brightens and hardens.
  19. Then we take a wooden shelf, wet our hands with cold water and spread the sugar mass on it.
  20. We begin to collect the sugar mass into a lump and knead: it should turn out to be a soft, supple mass.
  21. We wrap the finished white sugar mass (this is almost fudge) in a plastic wrap and send it to the refrigerator.
  22. Then boil one liter of water, add three tablespoons of soda to it, let the soda disperse and leave to boil over low heat.
  23. Take the first pretzel and dip it in a pot of soda water.
  24. We stand it for 20 seconds and take out a slotted spoon.
  25. We shift to a baking sheet covered with parchment.
  26. And so we repeat with each pretzel.
  27. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 220 degrees, and bake pretzels 12-15 minutes before browning.
  28. Cool pretzels cool on a wire rack.
  29. Then we take a bowl (its diameter should be larger than the pretzel), put in it the sugar mass (from the refrigerator) and heat it to a temperature of 30 degrees. This can be done in a water bath or using a microwave.
  30. Sweet must be mixed well all the time: by consistency, it should resemble liquid sour cream.
  31. Now dip each pretzel on one side in sugar fudge.
  32. We shift to the dish and give time to dry.

Such delicious pretzels are great for home-made tea drinking, and for fresh milk it's generally hard to find the best company. Be sure to bake a pretzel with fudge at home - it is very tasty. The team of the site “I Love Cooking” wishes you a pleasant appetite.  

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