Homemade chocolate cake


Homemade chocolate cake

Today I will tell you how to make homemade chocolate cake. Every housewife wants the dessert to cook very quickly and have an incredibly delicate taste. On the Internet there are many recipes for creating such confectionery masterpieces. However, most of them require special skills. A couple of years ago, my friend provided her homemade chocolate cake recipe. Having prepared it, I was pleasantly surprised. The biscuit turns out to be airy and has an incredible chocolate taste, and decorated with glossy glaze and berries - it surprises everyone with its beauty and appetite.


  • 0.25 kilograms of flour;
  • one and a half teaspoons of soda;
  • one teaspoon of salt;
  • 55 grams of cocoa powder;
  • 0.3 kilograms of sugar;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • a little butter - about 60 grams;
  • 60 milliliters of olive oil;
  • a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract;
  • 280 milliliters of milk;
  • a tablespoon of wine vinegar (any other 6% concentration is also suitable).

Chocolate cake. Step by step recipe

  1. Immediately turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature of 175 degrees.
  2. Pour flour into a working bowl. In order to avoid unwanted lumps, it should be sieved.
  3. We take sugar and send it to the dishes to the flour.
  4. Add salt and soda. Pour cocoa powder here. Mix all the dry ingredients together.
  5. Tip. All ingredients are best mixed with a whisk.
  6. In the sand mass we make a small hole in the center: in order to make it easier to interfere. We drive eggs into it.
  7. Butter must be at room temperature: so that it mixes easily. Add it to the eggs.
  8. Pour oil (olive) to the resulting mass, add milk, and, for flavor, lightly pour the mixture with vanilla extract and wine vinegar.
  9. Tip. The ingredients indicated are vanilla extract. If you do not have it, then replacing it with sugar or pure vanilla is not recommended, since the taste will be completely different.
  10. Tip. You can use not only wine vinegar. To prepare a delicious chocolate cake, you can choose pear or apple vinegar. Just remember: its concentration should not exceed 6%.
  11. For a further chocolate biscuit cake recipe, we need a mixer. So, beat all our ingredients until a homogeneous chocolate texture is formed.
  12. Take a baking dish and pour the dough into it.
  13. Tip. It is better to give preference to the diameter of the baking dish from 16 to 20 cm: no more.
  14. Tip. Pour the dough in such a way that the mold is half filled: since, according to this simple recipe, the chocolate cake will rise about twice.
  15. Send a delicious chocolate cake to the oven. Leave it to bake: for about 60 minutes.

As soon as the biscuit is ready, we take it out and put it on a special cookie cutter. Here's a chocolate cake at home ready to serve. You can decorate it with glaze and fruit. On the site "I love to cook" you will find many more recipes for a variety of delicious pastries.

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