Homemade orange marmalade with gelatin


Homemade Orange Marmalade with Gelatin

I want to offer to cook homemade orange marmalade with gelatin - a tasty and healthy treat from natural juice. The natural, bright and rich aroma of orange pleases with its taste not only children, but also adults. This is a universal recipe: instead of an orange, you can use other fruits and berries. Marmalade, cooked at home, tastes much better than the store. I really like to cook such marmalade: I am especially pleased that I can choose its taste myself.


  • orange - 3 pieces;
  • sugar - 150 grams;
  • gelatin - 20 grams.

Homemade orange marmalade with gelatin. Step by step recipe

  1. To begin with, we need to peel the orange, remove the white films and divide it into slices.
  2. To make marmalade, we need orange juice (you can take any other juice: apple, lemon, cranberry), so with the help of a juicer we make juice. If you don’t have a juicer, you can rub the orange slices through a sieve with a spoon.
  3. Next, pour the resulting juice into a saucepan, pour the entire bag of gelatin there and leave to swell.
  4. After the gelatin is swollen, add 150 grams of sugar and mix everything with a spoon. The resulting homogeneous mixture is put on the stove and, stirring, bring to a boil. Sugar must dissolve. Mandatory condition: do not boil the gelatin, turn off immediately, as soon as it begins to boil.
  5. Cool the jelly mixture to room temperature.
  6. When the jelly mass has cooled, pour it into a mold and put in the refrigerator. After three hours in the refrigerator, marmalade will completely harden. Gently take the marmalade from the molds and cut into pieces (I cut into cubes). If you have small tins, then fill in the jelly mass in them: then nothing will need to be cut.
  7. Sliced ​​marmalade should be dipped in sugar on all sides.

It is advisable to store the finished marmalade in a dry, cool place: it is possible in the refrigerator. Cooked marmalade is an excellent substitute for harmful purchased sweets for children: all the more, knowing your baby’s preferences, make a treat with his favorite taste. This marmalade is well suited for children's parties: make it colorful, of different shapes - and the children will be delighted with such desserts. Do not be afraid to experiment: add different types of juices, mix two juices - and you will get an unusual taste as a result. You can find other recipes for tasty and healthy sweets on the site "I like to cook."

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