How to make mastic for a cake at home

How to make mastic for a cake at home

Each novice housewife always seeks to cook a delicious cake at home, but the question arises - how to prepare mastic for the cake at home to decorate baking? After all, such a dessert has a completely different taste, contains slightly different ingredients, which makes it a little more useful. Today we will prepare mastic for the cake at home.


  • marshmallows - 90 grams;
  • cream - 40 milliliters;
  • amateur butter - 60 grams;
  • powdered sugar - 3 packs of 50 grams each;
  • Cognac "Ararat" - 30 grams.

Prepare mastic for the cake at home. Step by step recipe

  1. Add marshmallows to the pan and put it on medium heat. It is this ingredient that will give our dish a special sweetness.
  2. After the product has melted, add oil to the melted mass.
  3. Then add cream and cognac.
  4. Start kneading the mastic without making any pauses.
  5. At the same time, in small portions, start adding powdered sugar into it. Stir. As a result, you should get an elastic dough, which you need to mix further only with your hands, after washing them with a hygiene product.
  6. Tamp the resulting mass into a ball. To shape the ball, cut two identical shapes out of parchment baking paper. Put your almost finished mastic on one, and cover the top with the other on top. And start rolling to the required thickness.
  7. After rolling, remove the top layer of baking paper.

Congratulations, your mastic is ready! "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit!

Mastic made with your own hands should be very soft and tender, as in the photo. When preparing it, you can add any other kind of skate. I chose "Ararat" for its special quality and pleasant taste. Next time we will tell you another recipe for making mastic and tell you the recipe for making a cake from mastic.

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