Incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed

Incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk

An amazing and very simple recipe for making a real homemade cream with the taste of ice cream is an incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk. The gentle and airy texture of the cream is suitable for filling wafer rolls, a variety of baskets of dough, spreading cakes, filling cakes and profiteroles. You can also use food coloring for cream and decorate them with confectionery, giving a festive look and mood. I’m sure you will like the recipe, you will definitely share it with your friends when you first cook it. My beloved grandmother once shared this recipe with me, and I will share it with you. I propose to start cooking together soon.


  • chilled cream 35% fat (you can also 33%) - 500-550 milliliters;
  • whole condensed milk - 200-220 grams;
  • dark cocoa powder - forty grams.

Incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk. Step by step recipe

  1. In order to prepare the cream, we need the most ordinary mixer. It is best to use a stationary mixer, it has a special bowl (deep), as we will whip our ingredients in a continuous process to get a wonderful cream. But if there is no such mixer in the kitchen, replace it with a regular submersible one, for which choose a deep and dry container: a bowl, a bowl or whatever you have. For convenience, prepare all the devices before you start cooking.
  2. Before you start preparing the cream, you need to send 500-550 milliliters of fresh fat cream to the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, they should be well cooled, since you need to enter them only like that. The percentage of fat plays a huge role. The density and texture of the cream directly depend on this. True, in many recipes you can see how thickeners are used for low-fat cream, but in our super-simple and quick recipe there are only three ingredients, and no thickeners.
  3. First, pour the condensed milk (the most common whole) into a bowl or the container in which we will beat. Then add the cocoa. If you do not have weights, use a tablespoon. In one tablespoon without a slide - 10 grams of cocoa. Measure the required amount and pour it out. If you like the rich chocolate flavor of the cream - add one spoon more. Beat it for about one minute at medium speed.
  4. After a minute, we begin to pour cold cream into a thin stream. Pour in and do not stop whipping. At first, your speed remains the same average, but after a few seconds increase it to maximum. Beat a couple of minutes. You should see how a thick and viscous creamy chocolate cream begins to form. It has a pleasant aroma of condensed milk and cocoa and looks unusually appetizing.
  5. Make sure that the cream does not interrupt. After all, instead of the expected and very tasty homemade cream, you can get very tasty and sweet chocolate butter.
  6. Then transfer the finished cream to the container. We cover it with a lid or cling film and put it in the refrigerator. We get it when it will be necessary to grease the cake or fill the cakes.

An incredibly delicious creamy chocolate cream with condensed milk at home is ready in a matter of minutes. Decorate desserts with cream, add to baking. You can also add a variety of flavors and food colors to the main three ingredients. Try to cook it and please everyone with a wonderful taste. Such a cream recipe will take your due place in the TOP of your favorite homemade creams. I also recommend looking at the Very Delicious website, where you can find many more interesting, affordable and simple step-by-step recipes for preparing various creams. We wish you inspiration and success in the kitchen, as well as bon appetit!

The video belongs to Grandma Emma.

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