Insanely delicious custard cake "carpathian"

Insanely delicious custard cake

Insanely delicious custard cake "Carpathian" - not only beautiful, but also very tender. A homemade custard cake is prepared from a small number of ingredients - and has a pleasant taste and stunning aroma. Yummy! Deliciously soft cake soaked in air cream - it is impossible to resist. A piquant slice of a delicious dessert just melts in your mouth. Homemade cakes - delicious cakes. Cook with pleasure!


To prepare the dough:

  • wheat flour - 140 grams;
  • butter - 80 grams;
  • milk - 100 milliliters;
  • water - 100 milliliters;
  • chicken egg - 4 pieces;
  • salt - 0.5 teaspoon.

To prepare the cream:

  • milk - 600 milliliters;
  • sugar - 160 grams;
  • potato starch - 50 grams;
  • butter - 200 grams;
  • lemon juice - 0.5 pieces;
  • chicken egg - 2 pieces;
  • vanillin - 0.5 grams.

For sprinkling:

  • icing sugar - 0.5 teaspoon.

Insanely delicious custard cake "Carpathian". Step by step recipe

  1. Initially, we will prepare dough for cakes.
  2. Pour water, milk into the stewpan, add butter and salt.
  3. We send the stewpan to the fire and bring its contents to a boil.
  4. To prepare the custard dough for the Carpathian cake, sift the flour first.
  5. When the milk boils, pour all the sifted flour into the stewpan immediately and brew the dough. We make the dough until it is gathered into one homogeneous lump.
  6. We put the choux pastry into a separate bowl and let it cool slightly, so that when we add the eggs, they do not cook.
  7. Add one chicken egg (all four eggs) to the cooled dough and mix well. We add the next egg only when the previous one is well mixed with the dough. Choux pastry for the insanely delicious Carpathian cake is sticky-uniform.
  8. I use a cake pan for baking with a diameter of 24 centimeters.
  9. Cover the prepared form with parchment and grease it with vegetable oil.
  10. We put half of the dough into the mold and evenly distribute it. On the dough we make an arbitrary pattern (I do it with a spoon) so that bumps form during baking.
  11. We bake the cake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
  12. We free the finished delicious cake from the form, remove the parchment paper and leave to cool.
  13. With the second part of the test, we do the same.
  14. This time we will prepare the cream.
  15. Pour milk into the stewpan, send to the stove and bring to a boil.
  16. Add vanillin to sugar and mix.
  17. In a separate bowl, break two chicken eggs, add sugar and vanilla, and grind everything thoroughly with a whisk.
  18. Add starch to the beaten eggs, and again everything is well mixed until smooth.
  19. Pour half the boiled milk into a starchy mass with a thin stream, constantly stirring.
  20. Pour the resulting mass into the second half of boiling milk and cook the cream until thickened, stirring constantly. As soon as the mass thickens, remove from the stove.
  21. The resulting cream is transferred to a bowl, covered with cling film and left to cool.
  22. Beat softened butter until fluffy with a mixer.
  23. In the whipped oil, add one tablespoon of custard mass (whole mass), and beat well with a mixer.
  24. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, add to the resulting cream and mix well.
  25. The edges of the form in which the cakes were baked are covered with parchment paper.
  26. We put the first cake on the bottom of the mold (lay out the whole cream at once) and level it evenly throughout the cake, put the second cake on the cream.
  27. Delicious custard cake "Carpathian" in the form sent to the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.
  28. After this time, we remove the cake from the mold, remove the paper.
  29. Sprinkle tender custard cake with powdered sugar.
  30. You can decorate the cake at your own discretion: berries, caramel, fruits, chocolate.

Awesomely delicious, moderately sweet cake will be the decoration of any table. In a word: from a very simple set of products you get an incredibly tasty cake! “Very tasty” wishes you a pleasant tea party.

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