Kefir sweet cake

Kefir Sweet Cake

The sweet kefir pie is simple, tasty, and most importantly - very quick to bake - and the beauty is exactly the same as in the photo. Kneading the dough with kefir is extremely quick and easy, but it turns out to be light, similar to biscuit. Such baking will work out perfectly even for a young housewife. Do not doubt!!! An unusually tasty, fragrant, sweet piece of such a sweet will pleasantly surprise you and nourish you heartily. This is just such a baking option, which is appropriate if the guests are on the doorstep. The recipe for cooking a simple biscuit in a hurry should be in the cookbook of any housewife)))


    • vanillin to taste;
    • one glass of sugar;
    • kefir - 230 - 250 milliliters;
    • two chicken eggs;
    • a pinch of salt;
    • two teaspoons of baking powder;
    • big pear;

    • two glasses of flour.

    Sweet kefir pie. Step by step recipe

    1. Pre-prepare a small deep dish, where we will knead the whole dough for the pie (in my case, this is a bowl).
    2. Break two eggs in a bowl (it’s good to use homemade and fresh eggs for baking - the quality of the biscuit depends on it. Baking with homemade eggs is incredibly tender, like air). Add a pinch of salt, one glass of sugar and beat well until white foam with a mixer.
    3. Add vanillin to the beaten egg mixture (for this amount of dough I add one packet of vanillin), add kefir and mix everything well (using a whisk or mixer).

    Tip: kefir for cooking a lazy pie is suitable for any fat content. Baking on kefir is tender, airy! Kefir pie can stand for a long time and at the same time maintain its freshness (I use homemade kefir, but it’s also suitable for purchase).

    1. Combine two teaspoons of baking powder, two glasses of flour (I take glasses of flour without a slide), mix, and then sift through a sieve (you must sift it, it is necessary to sift the tenderness of the cake).
    2. Add sifted flour with baking powder to the kefir mixture and mix well again. The dough for making the pie is ready: the consistency of the dough for the pie should not be thick, but not liquid - of medium consistency (about the same as for charlotte).
    3. Peel one large, ripe, sweet pear, cut into small cubes with a sharp knife (I also like to cut into straws, not cubes. It is very important that the pear is not very juicy: otherwise its juiciness will add moisture to the cake).
    4. Add chopped pear to the finished pie dough and mix well.
    5. The mold (the diameter of the mold I used is 24 centimeters) for baking a pie on kefir should be greased with vegetable oil. For baking this pie, any form that you have at hand is suitable.
    6. Pour the finished dough into a greased form (the dough can not be leveled in shape, it is not very thick, so it lays well).
    7. It is very important to put the form with the dough not in the cold, but in the preheated oven to 180 degrees. Bake a sponge cake with a pear for 35-40 minutes (the time it takes to bake the cake depends on your oven, but you can check the kefir biscuit’s readiness with a wooden stick: if you pierce the cake with a skewer and it is dry, then the cake is ready and you can get it out of the oven).
    8. To take out the finished sweet pie on kefir from the mold (if you grease the mold before baking, then the baked biscuit is ideally removed from the mold) and transfer to a dish. If desired, the cooled cake can be decorated with icing sugar.
    9. Cut the sweet cake into portioned slices and serve.

    During the preparation of the pie on kefir, instead of a pear, you can use dried apricots, nuts, raisins, apples (only not very juicy). Once, according to this recipe, I cooked like this: added raisins to the dough and baked not just one big cake, but small muffins. I want to say that it turned out not only tasty, but also original.

    From the simple ingredients on your table will appear an incredibly tasty and fragrant pear biscuit, cooked in the oven. Such a delicacy on kefir will appeal to everyone: from small to large. A quick whip cake is delicious both in warm and in cold form.

    We set the table for tea drinking and serve the baked pie with kefir and pear. Your family will appreciate this amazing home-made pastry. “I love to cook” wishes you a good appetite and good mood.

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