Low-calorie curd cookies - handkerchiefs with apples


Low-calorie curd cookies - handkerchiefs with apples

Today I would like to share a recipe for low-calorie curd cookies - handkerchiefs with apples. These are pretty tasty, budget instant cookies. After the first preparation, I often began to pamper my family and friends with fresh, fragrant pastries. It is very healthy and tasty - and goes well with tea or milk.


  • cottage cheese - 250 grams;
  • kefir (natural yogurt) - 100 grams;
  • flour - 250 grams;
  • apple - 1-2 pieces;
  • sugar - 10 teaspoons;
  • salt - 0.5 grams;
  • cinnamon, icing sugar.

Cookies with apples. Step by step recipe

So, let's start with cottage cheese.

  1. Grind the cottage cheese. Add 9 teaspoons of sugar and half a gram of salt, interrupt everything (you can use either a blender or hands).
  2. We spread the beaten cottage cheese, add kefir and a little flour, knead the dough. The dough is not hard, soft and elastic.
  3. At this moment, cut the apples into small slices, so that it is well baked in cookies.
  4. We take half the dough and roll it to a thickness of 2-3 mm.
  5. Cut the rolled dough into small squares: approximately, 5 by 5.
  6. On the resulting squares, put an apple, a little sugar with cinnamon and pinch, as shown in the video. And so we do with all the blanks.
  7. We spread the cookies on a baking sheet covered with baking or parchment paper (do not grease).
  8. Place in a heated oven with a temperature of 180-200 degrees and bake until light golden.
  9. At the end of baking we take out of the oven and cover with a towel. Leave to cool completely.

Actually, our cookies without butter and eggs are ready. Cookies are similar to shortbread, but it is curd - and softer.

Here is a quick and easy cookie recipe that can surprise and please your loved ones. Rather, take the necessary products and rush to cook. Traditionally we wish you bon appetit!

Continue cooking with me and “I love to cook”: we always have a lot of new interesting recipes for all occasions.

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