Simple mayonnaise cookies

Simple mayonnaise cookies

If you are an avid sweet tooth and you cannot imagine your life without delicious cookies, then together with “I love to cook” we will tell you the recipe - a simple cookie on mayonnaise. Its delicate taste will pleasantly surprise not only you, but everyone who tastes it.


  • egg - 1 piece;
  • mayonnaise - 250 grams;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • flour - 1 cup;
  • lemon zest - 1 teaspoon;
  • soda - 1/3 teaspoon.

Simple cookies on mayonnaise. Step by step recipe

  1. First you need to take a mixer and beat eggs well, then add sugar, lemon zest and soda, mayonnaise and flour, continue to beat. The dough will turn out like a pancake.
  2. Then take a baking sheet and place baking paper on it.
  3. Next, put the future cookies on a baking sheet with a spoon, like pancakes.
  4. Heat the oven to 200 degrees and send your cookies to bake on mayonnaise for 7-10 minutes.
  5. Do not rush to remove cookies from a baking sheet, let it cool.

Here is a simple recipe for mayonnaise cookies. It is incredibly airy, and you will enjoy a cup of hot tea with it with pleasure. I think if you are in a bad mood, then such cookies will always raise it and make your day brighter. So do not hesitate to cook! "Very tasty" wishes you bon appetit! Next time we suggest you make cookies on beer or cookies on margarine.

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