Tasty easter cake "lace woman"


Tasty Easter cake

With the advent of spring and the approach of one of the greatest Easter holidays, many housewives are preparing to bake the most delicious Easter cake. The “Lace Woman” deserves special attention: since this Easter recipe has its own subtleties of preparation, and the baking is unusually airy. Everyone who loves the light and delicate structure of the dough will appreciate this recipe. It’s not for nothing that the “Lace Woman” received such an original name: after all, a papillon in a section very much resembles light lace. Let's cook this airy “Lace Woman” together!


  • wheat flour (premium) - 300 - 350 grams;
  • dry yeast (Saf moment) - 4 grams;
  • cow's milk - 150 milliliters;
  • chicken egg yolks - 7 pieces;
  • butter (fat content not less than 82%) - 75 grams;
  • sugar sand - 50 grams;
  • salt - a quarter of a teaspoon;
  • vanilla essence.

Delicious Easter cake "Lace woman". Step by step recipe

  1. We slightly heat the milk and dissolve 4 grams of dry yeast in it.
  2. Important! In no case should milk be hotter: since the yeast in it will die and all our efforts will go down the drain.
  3. Pour half a portion of wheat flour (approximately 150 grams) into a deep bowl, pour the milk-yeast mixture into it and mix well with a spoon. It turns out the so-called dough.
  4. We cover the bowl with the dish with a kitchen towel or cling film. We put in a warm place and let rise several times.
  5. In the meantime, do the rest of the ingredients.
  6. In a deep bowl or bowl of the mixer we send seven egg yolks, pour salt, 50 grams of sugar and beat well with a mixer until the mass brightens.
  7. In a separate bowl, beat the butter.
  8. Now combine the remaining flour, dough and whipped yolks together. Add a couple of drops of vanilla essence and knead thoroughly to make a soft and uniform dough.
  9. We lay the resulting dough on an absolutely dry work surface (for such purposes I use a silicone mat) and knead until the dough starts to stick off from the hands and the table.
  10. In small portions, add whipped butter to the dough and knead it well again. The dough should not stick to the hands and work surface. This process will take you at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  11. We give the resulting test a rounded shape and send for proofing in a bowl greased with vegetable oil. Cover with a towel, put in a warm place and allow to double in size.
  12. When the dough has come, we thoroughly crush it. If you like raisins in Easter baking, now is the time to add it. I do not use raisins for baking this lace woman.
  13. We divide the dough into the number of baking dishes. This Easter recipe is designed for two forms for Easter cakes (diameter 12 centimeters).
  14. Divide the dough into two equal parts. We give them a rounded shape.
  15. Forms for baking Easter cakes generously grease with butter. In order to make Easter cakes easily come out of forms, I advise putting circles of baking paper on the bottom of the form (the diameter of the circle corresponds to the diameter of the form). Thanks to this technique, our air cakes will never stick to the bottom.
  16. We send our dough into forms. Since the dough will rise strongly during baking, you should not fill the form with more than half its volume. The optimal filling of the form is one third of its volume.
  17. We leave the cakes to rise to a double increase.
  18. When the Easter cakes have risen well, grease the tops with a beaten egg.
  19. We heat the oven to a temperature of 180 - 190 degrees and send our air cakes to bake.
  20. The baking time depends, first of all, on the weight of the cakes and on the technical characteristics of your oven. Therefore, I check the readiness of my cakes with a dry wand. If you pierce the pastry with a stick and there are no traces of dough on it, then the cake is ready. So, on average, a cake weighing 500 grams will be baked for about 40 minutes.
  21. After baking, we carefully take out the cakes from the mold, put it on a clean towel and let it cool completely. You can periodically turn them from side to side so that they do not deform due to their delicate structure.
  22. A fully cooled Easter cake for Easter, if desired, can be decorated with sugar fudge, protein glaze or dried fruits.

That's all! The magnificent "Lace Woman" is ready. A delicious Easter cake, no doubt, will take first place in the Easter basket. The “I love to cook" team wishes you a pleasant appetite and happy holidays in the circle of close people!

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