The most delicious strawberry ice cream

The most delicious strawberry ice cream

Unusual, the most delicious ice cream with strawberries, which I have ever been able to try, I propose to cook today for you. A caramelized strawberry that holds its shape gives a very pleasant, delicate taste to an amazing homemade creamy ice cream. Ice cream will be appreciated by children. This ice cream may not be called diet or low-calorie, but don't you really want to treat yourself to a real and super-delicious natural dessert sometimes: especially during the season of a beautiful sweet berry - strawberries. Take a note, and be sure to cook it this summer at home.


  • fresh strawberries - 0.25 kilograms;
  • butter - 40 grams;
  • sugar white sand - 80 grams;
  • cream (fat content not less than 33-36%) - 450 grams;
  • condensed milk - 200 grams.

The most delicious ice cream with strawberries. Step by step recipe

  1. Let's start with the preparation of strawberries. It must be washed and discarded in a colander. Drain excess water. Tear off the ponytails. On a cutting board, each strawberry must be cut into six to eight pieces. Transfer everything to a bowl.
  2. We put the pan on the stove. Throw forty grams of butter. On medium heat we melt it. Then, when the butter is melted, we send all the chopped strawberries to it. Mix everything with a silicone spatula so that the oil covers each piece of the berry.
  3. Sprinkle with all the sugar on top. We extinguish everything, while not forgetting to stir, for ten to fifteen minutes.
  4. Then remove from heat and completely cool on the table at room temperature.
  5. In the meantime, move on to the cream. They must be chilled. We transfer them to a deep container, in which it would be convenient to beat with a mixer. Beat in a stable mass.
  6. Add condensed milk to them and again whisk everything with a mixer. But already at low speed.
  7. At the end of this process, gently combine with the cooled strawberries. We mix everything with a spatula so that the strawberries are evenly distributed throughout the creamy mass.
  8. We shift everything into a shape (I have a glass narrow rectangular container) in which we will freeze the ice cream. Cover with cling film and send to the freezer for 8-10 hours.
  9. I recommend that 15 minutes before serving, get the ice cream out of the freezer and arrange it portionwise in a bowl. Garnish with fresh strawberries and mint leaves (optional).
  10. If you still have condensed milk, you can prepare another delicious strawberry dessert along with ice cream. Take 50 grams of condensed milk and 200 grams of frozen strawberries. Beat everything with a blender. You can put them on the pots immediately and serve. And it can be made for kids in the form of ice cream. Arrange in batch molds and freeze for 5-6 hours.

The most delicious strawberry ice cream is ready. Even if this is your first recipe for homemade ice cream: I'm sure you will succeed with a bang and without unnecessary trouble. You will understand from the first spoon that this is real creamy ice cream, and not what we are often offered to buy in bright factory packages under the guise of ice cream. The team of the site “Very tasty” wishes you more inspiration in the kitchen, good mood and bon appetit!

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