The recipe for the classic new york cheesecake

The recipe for the classic New York cheesecake

The recipe for the classic New York cheesecake was once seen on the Internet and took notes. I want to say that the result pleasantly surprised me! This delicious treat is easy to make at home, but it turns out that the cheesecake is so delicious that you just lick your fingers. The biscuit cheesecake is very tender, with an amazingly delicate vanilla flavor. You will not spend much effort on its preparation. Classic cheesecake is a win-win sweet treat for kids.


  • vanilla sugar - 10 grams;
  • cream (33%) - 180 milliliters;
  • one teaspoon of lemon zest;
  • chicken eggs - 3 pieces;
  • shortbread cookies - 200 grams;
  • butter - 110 grams;
  • cream cheese "Philadelphia" - 750 grams;
  • sugar - 210 grams.

Classic New York cheesecake. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare the cheesecake, we will initially prepare the sand base. We break the cookies into small pieces and grind them into crumbs using a blender. You need to grind the cookies well so that lumps do not come across in the crumbs.
  2. Butter (according to the recipe) for the preparation of the classic New York cheesecake we need in liquid form. You can melt the oil in a water bath or in the microwave.
  3. We take a small dish, shift the sand crumbs into it, pour the melted butter and mix everything well.
  4. For a cheesecake, you will need a detachable baking dish. I use a round shape with a diameter of 24 centimeters, but you can use any other.
  5. We move the crumbs from the cookies into a split mold, evenly level them along the bottom and tamp them well (you can tamp the crumbs tightly with the bottom of the glass).
  6. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  7. Place the crumbs in the preheated oven and bake the sand base for 10 minutes.
  8. We take out the baked base for the classic New York cheesecake from the oven and leave it to stand and cool.
  9. Since we will bake our cheesecake in a water bath, in order to prevent water from getting into shape, it must be wrapped with foil, previously folded in two or three layers.
  10. Using a grater, remove the zest from the lemon.
  11. Combine sugar with vanilla sugar and grind everything into powder using a coffee grinder.
  12. Now prepare the cream for the New York cheesecake. All components of the cream should be at room temperature. And now I’ll tell you step by step how to prepare a cream.
  13. Put Philadelphia cream cheese in a bowl, pour in powdered sugar and mix well. I mix the mass until smooth at minimum mixer speed.
  14. Then, in the cheese mass, one at a time, drive the chicken egg in and each time everything is well and carefully mixed until smooth with a whisk. It is very good to use homemade fresh eggs. It is important not to kill the mass, because with intensive whipping, it will be oversaturated with air: because of which cracks can appear on the surface of the cheesecake. The mass for the classic cheesecake should be smooth and uniform.
  15. Pre-prepared lemon zest (according to the recipe) is added to the cheese mass and mixed well.
  16. Then add the cream and mix the mass again until smooth. The cheesecake cream is ready.
  17. The finished cream is poured into a mold on the sand crumbs and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the crumbs.
  18. Since we will bake a cheesecake in a water bath, we do the following: pour boiling water into a deep baking sheet and put the split mold in a baking sheet with water. Water should reach approximately the middle of the cheesecake form.
  19. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.
  20. Bake a cheesecake in a water bath for 60-80 minutes in a preheated oven. In the finished cheesecake, the middle should slightly tremble.
  21. After this time, we leave the cheesecake to stand in the turned off oven with the door ajar for another: about one hour.
  22. Then we tighten the form with the cooled cheesecake with cling film and send it to the refrigerator for the night.
  23. In the morning, remove the film from the mold. Carefully, with a small knife dipped in water, draw along the sides of the mold (in this way we will separate the cheesecake from the mold) and take out the cheesecake.
  24. We transfer the ready-made classic home-made cheesecake to a serving plate.
  25. Cut the homemade cheesecake with a sharp knife dipped in water.

Delicate, aromatic cheesecake with a sand base - very tasty and just melts in your mouth. Although you will spend a little of your time preparing such a dessert, the classic cheesecake is worth it. Optionally, you can garnish the top of the cheesecake with grated chocolate.

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