Vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream

One of the favorite treats for children and adults is vanilla ice cream. It perfectly helps to cope with the heat in the summer days and looks great as a dessert on the festive table. We are used to buying this tasty treat in supermarkets or ordering in cafeterias and restaurants. But today at “I Love Cooking,” we will teach you how to make ice cream at home. This ice cream is often called the beautiful word "parfait" because we make ice cream with whipped cream. And parfait is ice cream made from thick cream. And also, at the end of the ice cream recipe, a bonus will be waiting for you: a mini recipe for prunes in spicy alcohol. Well, let's try to make homemade ice cream with our own hands?


  • cream - 750 milliliters;
  • milk - 250 milliliters;
  • eggs - 6 pieces;
  • sugar - 150 grams;
  • vanilla sugar - 10 grams (1 sachet).

Vanilla ice cream. Step by step recipe

  1. Pour milk and cream into the pan, each ingredient should be 250 milliliters.
  2. Mix and add sugar: in the amount of 100 grams.
  3. Mix again and put on fire, bring the mass to a boil.
  4. We divide our eggs into yolks and squirrels.

We need only the yolks. You can use proteins for various other recipes so as not to translate the product.

  1. Using a mixer, grind six yolks with 50 grams of regular sugar and 10 grams of vanilla sugar added to them.

Triturate until a white substance forms.

  1. Add a boiling sugar milk with cream in a thin stream, without stopping the grinding of egg yolks.
  2. All mix with a mixer for about two to three minutes.
  3. Now pour the egg-milk mixture into an aluminum saucepan and bring to a thickening over low heat until the cream begins to envelop the spoon.

Please note: in no case should you bring to a boil!

  1. Without stopping stirring the thickened syrup, put the pan in a large bowl of ice.
  2. Syrup, until completely cooled, mix thoroughly.

We should get a French cream called Anglese. It should be shiny and smooth. By the way, you can first strain Anglese through a sieve, and then cool, but this is not necessary.

  1. With a mixer, at full speed, whip 500 grams of cream with a fat content of at least 30% until an average foam is formed.
  2. Carefully mix chilled Anglese with whipped cream.
  3. Mix everything thoroughly.
  4. We pour our vanilla ice cream into ice cream makers: and if they are not, then into other deep containers.
  5. We put in the freezer for 2-3 hours.
  6. We decorate vanilla ice cream to our taste with dried fruits, fresh berries or nuts - and we can serve it to the table.

Thanks to this simple recipe, we get delicious natural ice cream. Since vanilla ice cream is one of the main ingredients for making other types of ice cream with various excipients, it is best to try to make this recipe first, and then experiment with other types.

In our recipe, as you noticed, there is also a French Angles cream. This magnificent cream can be used not only as the main base for the preparation of various types of ice cream or other creams, but also as an independent dessert. For example, one of the ways you can eat Angles frozen cream is to eat it along with prunes that you soaked in spirits.

  • You need to remove the seeds from prunes and boil dried fruits.
  • Put the prunes in a small container with a lid, add fresh lemon zest, ginger, a stick of cinnamon and anise.
  • In the cooled water, where prunes were boiling, add honey and bring to a boil again.
  • Pour the resulting syrup into the plums so that it only half-covers the dried fruits.
  • Pour the plums in syrup completely with brandy or other spicy alcohol and refrigerate for two days so that the prunes absorb the syrup and alcohol well.
  • Actually, the cream itself we only need to freeze and eat along with plums, which can also decorate vanilla ice cream.
  • I draw your attention to the fact that Angles is used in different countries in different ways: somewhere cold and semi-liquid, and somewhere more thick and hot.

Having tried your own hand-made ice cream, you will feel the big difference between natural homemade ice cream and purchased ice cream. After all, it is always better to use desserts made from natural products, and even the children’s home-made treat is more to their taste. Good appetite!

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