Wonderfully delicious cherry pie


Wonderfully delicious cherry pie

Baking is my passion. I love to delight my relatives with delicious cakes. It is especially nice to do this in the summer, when there are all kinds of fruits and berries around. Today I want to tell you my grandmother's recipe. She lives in the village, there are a lot of cherries there, so her grandmother often makes cakes with cherry filling in the summer. The recipe is quite simple, and it does not take much time to cook. There is another delicious cherry pie recipe, which can be found on the website.



  • flour - 3.5-4 cups;
  • milk - 200 ml;
  • butter - 100 grams;
  • press yeast. - 15 grams; or dry - 5 grams;
  • sugar - 4 tbsp;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 sachet;
  • egg - 2 pieces;
  • salt - 2/3 tsp


  • pitted cherries - 500 grams;
  • cherry juice - 50 ml;
  • sugar - 6 tablespoons

Wonderfully delicious cherry-filled pie. Step cooking

  1. Take a bowl for the mixer and pour milk into it (it must be warm so that the yeast activates faster).
  2. Add yeast to milk.
  3. Mix well (you can hand to feel) so that there are no lumps left.
  4. Add salt, sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs.
  5. Turn on the mixer so that everything mixes well. Set the instrument to medium speed.
  6. Sift the flour. This is necessary so that it is saturated with oxygen and the baking is tender and airy.
  7. Add the flour to the mixer bowl in small portions and mix at low speed.
  8. Now you need to melt the butter. This can be done in a water bath. To do this, take a small pan, pour water into it, put on fire. We take a container with a diameter larger than the pan. Place the butter in a bowl and place it on top of the pan. Stir the butter in a bowl to melt evenly and quickly.
  9. Pour the butter into the dough, transfer it to the table and knead it with your hands. This should be done for about 5 minutes. At the end, form a ball from the dough, put it in a bowl, cover with a towel and leave it for about an hour for the yeast to work.
  10. Prepare the filling. If you have homemade cherries, then you know for sure that sometimes there are worms in it. Of course, they do not spoil the taste, but eating with them is unpleasant. To get rid of the worms you need to fill the cherry with water and leave for half an hour. All the worms will pop up, and you can not be afraid to make the filling. To do this, remove the bones (using a special device or pin). Add sugar to the filling, mix well and send to the pan. It is necessary to wait for boiling.
  11. Take cherry juice. You can buy it, or you can make it yourself from the available berries. Add starch to the juice, mix.
  12. If the cherry in the pan is already boiling, pour in a little juice with starch. Stir and wait until it boils. The finished filling will be thick. Just be careful not to get burnt.
  13. Turn on the preheat oven.
  14. When the dough has approached (increased several times), you need to kill it. Cut the dough into 2 parts (1/3 will go to the top of the pie, 2/3 - to the base).
  15. We take a baking dish, cover it with parchment, grease it with margarine or butter.
  16. We roll out the dough and put it into a shape so that we get about 4-5 cm sides. So that the dough does not break, when you shift it into a form, you can wrap it on a rolling pin and thus transfer it to the form.
  17. We spread the filling, level it. Make the top of the pie. Roll the dough into a layer and make cuts in a checkerboard pattern. Put the top of the pie on top of the filling, blind the edges and let it stand for a while.
  18. When the cake has risen a little, grease it with whipped yolk and a spoonful of milk.
  19. Send our masterpiece to the oven at 180 degrees until browning (40-45 minutes).

Now you know how to make a deliciously delicious cherry-filled pie. Treat relatives, cook with pleasure.

Look at "Very tasty", we will always find something to please you with. Enjoy your meal!

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