Yogurt cake


Yogurt cake

If you are tired of baking and you don’t have the time and energy to knead the dough, and your household is insistently asking for a sweet, and even a cake, then this recipe is exactly what you need, because the yogurt cake is prepared very simply, and it tastes just a jumble. So tender and airy that you just want to eat another bite.


  • kiwi - 6 pieces;
  • bananas - a couple of pieces;
  • water - half a glass;
  • yogurt - half a liter;
  • sugar - 70 grams;
  • butter - 70 grams;
  • gelatin - 24 grams;
  • cookies - 200 grams;
  • lemon juice - 20 milliliters.

Yogurt cake. Step by step recipe

  1. Grind cookies into crumbs.
  2. We send the oil there and mix to a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Put the cookie dough into the mold and put it in a cold place.
  4. In warm water we dilute gelatin, remove until complete swelling.
  5. In a plate, spread the diced kiwi, pour the remaining ingredients. Mix.
  6. We put on the fire. In time it is about a couple of minutes.
  7. Pour gelatin, yogurt into the kiwi, mix.
  8. In the form we put a banana, sliced ​​in round pieces, and pour the finished mass.
  9. We leave our cake in the freezer for 6 hours.

Leave some kiwi to decorate the cake. And after complete hardening, decorate them with yogurt cake, as in the photo. And be sure to try the amazing cake in the pan with nuts and the fastest cake. "Very tasty" wishes you bon appetit!

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