Thin pancakes with milk recipe with holes

Thin pancakes with milk recipe with holes

Making pancakes is a whole art, and for inexperienced housewives this seems so overwhelming that they are afraid to even start their oven. How to cook milk pancakes, to make them thin and lace? Indeed, the more small holes, the softer, more tender, and if they are also very thin, this also positively affects the taste of this flour product. Thick and thick pancakes will be harsh and will more likely look like failed pancakes. But we don’t want this. Therefore, I have prepared for you the simplest homemade recipe for delicious pancakes that always turn out, especially if you follow exactly step by step cooking pancakes in thin milk with holes with photos. Cooked pancakes can be greased simply with butter or stuffed with meat or cottage cheese. I am sure that you will get the most delicious, lace and thin pancakes, from which everyone will be delighted!

Ingredients for making thin pancakes in milk with holes

Milk 500 ml
Eggs 2 pcs
Sugar 2-3 tbsp. l
Salt ½ tsp
Flour 260 g (2 tbsp.)
Vegetable oil 50 ml
Soda ½ tsp
Lemon acid ¼ tsp
Water 50 g

Step-by-step preparation of thin pancakes in milk with holes with a photo

  1. Drive 2 eggs into a bowl, add sugar and salt. If you plan to make pancakes with savory filling, add only 1 tsp of sugar. Beat the mass with a whisk or use an electric mixer.
  2. Add half of the indicated norm of milk, it is important that no lumps form when you add flour. Stir again with a whisk.
  3. Pour the sifted wheat flour and mix well again with a whisk.
  4. Pour out the remaining milk and then stir again until the dough is homogeneous enough.
  5. Pour the sunflower oil into your pancake dough and whisk again. If you thought that the dough turned out a little thick, add just a little water or milk, so a thick dough will not be able to spread in a pan.
  6. In a glass, dilute citric acid with water, add soda. After the soda is extinguished, add it to the dough. Soda can be quenched with vinegar.
  7. Heat the pan, grease it with a very thin layer of sunflower oil or even a piece of lard.
  8. You can also grease the pan in front of each pancake, then it will turn out juicier, but you can not do this, anyway there is vegetable oil in the dough.
  9. Pour in enough dough to make a thin pancake. How much dough you pour, also significantly affects the openwork and thickness of the pancake. Usually half a scoop is enough, but this may depend on the diameter of the pan.
  10. Use your hands to tilt the pan so that the dough spreads evenly over it. You will immediately begin to notice how air bubbles will form, and how they will burst, creating holes.
  11. Turn the pancake on the other side and fry for a few more seconds.
  12. Ready pancakes can be greased with butter. Fold them in a pile, then they will retain heat and remain soft.

Pancakes are served with jam, condensed milk or honey. Begin with a sweet or unsweetened filling. Enjoy your meal!

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