12 options for filling for rolls


12 options for filling for rolls

In fact, rolls can be stuffed with anything, the options for toppings for rolls are described below. However, if you want to strictly adhere to the letter of the recipe, we list 12 popular toppings for rolls. As a cream cheese, it is best to use Philadelphia, but it will be successfully replaced by Almette, Natura or Buko.

  1. Smoked eel, cream cheese, green leaf lettuce / pickled cucumber and a little salmon caviar for top.
  2. Sea bass, Tomago omelet, avocado / cucumber.
  3. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, takuan (pickled radish).
  4. Tofu soy cheese, "Tomago", cucumber, black sesame seeds.
  5. Boiled and peeled shrimp, cream cheese, fresh cucumber.
  6. Smoked eel, paprika, cucumber, lettuce, cream cheese / mayonnaise.
  7. Boiled and peeled shrimps / salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, white sesame seeds.
  8. Fresh salmon, "Tomago", cream cheese, takuan.
  9. Smoked chicken, cucumber, avocado pulp, mayonnaise.
  10. "Tomago", tobiko caviar (flying fish), mussels, avocado pulp, fresh cucumber.
  11. Shiitake (fried), shrimp / tobiko caviar, cucumber.
  12. Crab meat / sticks, cucumber, mayonnaise.

"Very tasty" wishes you bon appetit! And be sure to try salmon rolls and Canada rolls.

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