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The best recipe: how to deliciously and simply marinate meat for barbecue

I want to tell you the best recipe on how to deliciously and simply marinate meat for barbecue. After all, there is an insane amount of marinade recipes, with all kinds of spices, herbs, sauces and additional ingredients. For me personally, for example, the arrival of spring is the most long-awaited time: with many sunny days, an insane amount of fragrant flowers, green grass and, of course, the shish kebab aroma on a hot fire. In our family, father always marinated meat: each time he marinated meat according to the same recipe - but it always turned out deliciously in a new way. We are lovers of emotional family picnics, and for us such a quick and easy way to prepare meat is just a godsend. Believe me, it turns out everything is not just tasty, but very tasty.


  • fresh meat - 1 kilogram;
  • onions - 2 large pieces;
  • vegetable oil (sunflower) - 30 grams;
  • spices: pepper, salt - to your liking.

How delicious and easy to marinate meat for barbecue. Step by step recipe

  1. First, I propose to decide what kind of meat to choose for barbecue. You can take pork neck, beef, lamb, veal or meat of other animals. Today I want to propose pickling pork, namely, the pork adrenal gland. The meat from this place is very tasty and tender in ready-made form. Although, if you prefer pork neck, I assure you, it is no worse: after all, they prefer to take it for a barbecue much more often. I want to add on my own that for a barbecue it is preferable to buy only fresh meat: and do not freeze.
  2. Getting to the fresh meat. Wash it under running water. Wipe with dry paper towels or, if you have one, can be waffled. Put it on a cutting board and cut into pieces. The size of the pieces should be approximately 4 by 5 centimeters. Remember that during cooking, the meat will give off moisture and juice, so it will slightly decrease in size.
  3. Sliced ​​pieces of meat are transferred to a deep bowl, in which the meat will be pickled. We take salt and salt the meat to taste, as well as pepper. Very carefully, with clean and dry hands, mix all the meat. Turn it over from the bottom so that each piece gets its portion of salt and pepper. Having finished mixing everything, set our bowl aside.
  4. We take one large onion. We clean it from the husk and cut into large rings: the thickness of the rings is approximately 5 millimeters. We do this so that later we will string this onion on a skewer along with pieces of juicy meat. Although, if you like more onions on skewers, feel free to take another onion. When we cut, we divide the rings into separate parts. Put in a bowl and set aside for a while.
  5. Tip. Use a separate board to chop onions. It is always worth remembering that meat, fish and vegetables with bakery products are cut into different sorts. This is primarily done so that both the knife and the boards are used for their intended purpose. It is impossible to imagine a situation in which after cutting meat, put on the same board a fresh vegetable or, even worse, bread, and continue to cut it.
  6. Let us return to the second onion: it must be crushed to a state of mashed potatoes. This can be done using a blender, meat grinder, grater or food processor.
  7. I use a hand blender. Just cut the onion, for example, into four parts, put it in a bowl and chop.
  8. Onions, crushed to a puree state, are sent to meat. Mix everything thoroughly with your hands. Rub the whole marinade with your hands into pieces of meat. Stir and rub in about 5-10 minutes. My eyes begin to watery at this stage, so I entrust this mission to my husband - he copes with a bang.
  9. While mixing onions with meat, we pour in thirty grams of vegetable oil. Optionally, you can add any oil that you like. This time I use ordinary sunflower oil.
  10. Pay attention to one very important point in choosing vegetable oil. In addition to taste and smell, there is also refined and unrefined oil. Which is better to choose? Of course, only refined oil should always be used in heat-treated dishes. It does not harm us, but only helps to give the dish the right taste. But the unrefined, which we love to add to salads, to cook various sauces and dressings on its basis - at the time of heat treatment it releases harmful carcinogens. Therefore, select the oil carefully, taking into account our recommendations.
  11. If you have taken meat already fat enough, you can not add oil at all. My slice was not so much streaked with fat as there are collars, for example, therefore, vegetable oil will only help it better to pickle and absorb the aromas of onions and peppers.
  12. When you have mixed everything well, add the onion rings and mix everything very carefully again. Make sure that the rings do not break.
  13. In our recipe you will not find any spices already prepared in advance for barbecue. But this does not mean that you cannot add them to your liking. Be careful: in many spices, there is already a predominant portion of salt, so do not salt the meat.
  14. Now we take a cling film or a lid, we tighten completely a bowl with pickled kebab. We put in the refrigerator, at least four hours. It is better, of course, if you have time, leave the meat to marinate for the night. Remember, it’s better to hold it longer: then the meat will be even more tender.

So, in a very simple and very affordable way, you can marinate meat for barbecue. You can take our recipe into your note, you can make your own additions and corrections to it. The main thing is to do everything with love and a good mood. Then all the dishes you cook will be especially delicious. Such as my father always presented them. Let the ready-made, fragrant and juicy kebab please you and everyone with whom you cook it. And also it is always worth remembering that even if the weather has let you down and you have already marinated the meat, you can easily cook it in your kitchen. On our site “Very Delicious” there is a huge amount of tips and recipes on how to cook barbecue at home, in the oven, in a variety of ways. Wishing you a sunny picnic and bon appetit!

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