Choux curd easter

Choux curd Easter

Choux curd Easter will appeal to absolutely all relatives and members of your family. Incredibly delicate, sweet and tasty - she wins her fans from the first bite. I really like cottage cheese, so I found this recipe last year. When I was preparing dessert for Easter to my friends, I had no idea how they would like it. Today I will tell you how to cook a curd Easter so that it worthily takes a crown place at your celebration.


  • curd mass is required (approximately, kilogram);
  • butter (approximately 0.15 kilograms);
  • sugar (0.2 kilograms);
  • a quarter kilogram of sour cream (0.25 kilograms);
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • almond nuts (total 0.1 kg);
  • dried fruits - about 150 grams (for example, raisins or dried apricots);
  • candied fruit (0.1 kg);
  • some vanilla or sugar (a couple of teaspoons);
  • salt (one pinch);
  • add lemon zest if desired.

Curd Easter. Step by step recipe

Cooking Easter cheese is performed in this order.

  1. We begin to wipe the mass of cottage cheese. For this, it is most convenient to use a kitchen strainer. Pour sugar and lightly salt.
  2. Turn on the mixer (you need to choose the lowest speed) and mix the whole mass. You can perform this action manually.
  3. We get butter: it should become soft and have room temperature. Add it to the curd.
  4. Next, lay out the sour cream to our batch of home-made curd Easter.
  5. Grind our dough. Gradually drive in the eggs.
  6. Stir the resulting mixture for about 4 minutes.
  7. We take a thick-walled container and pour the mass into it.
  8. We put the pan on a medium-high fire and, constantly stirring, bring the consistency to the appearance of the first ball of air. In no case should you boil.
  9. We remove the dishes from the fire. It is necessary to put the pan on ice so that the mass cools down. At the same time, we do not stop rubbing cottage cheese: to avoid lumps.
  10. When the cottage cheese has cooled, pour vanilla sugar.
  11. In order to get a delicious cottage cheese Easter, add raisins and almonds. If desired, you can dilute the taste with lemon or candied fruit.
  12. We take clean gauze, slightly moisten it with water and line it in the pasochnitsa. By the way, if you do not have a special shape, then use a regular pot for indoor flowers. We form curd Easter without baking. Take a piece of cloth and cover it with a container of dough on top. We put a deep plate under the bowl so that all the liquid flows out into it.
  13. Put the mold in the refrigerator.
  14. Exactly one day later we get our cottage cheese cake for Easter, put the mold upside down on a serving plate.
  15. We decorate the little egg with small nuts or candied fruit.

We will decorate our festive table with the most delicious Easter.

So we learned how to cook this easy Easter cake for the feast of Holy Sunday. It will become a bright accent of your feast. A very tender and melting dough pierces all guests right in the heart. From now on, everyone will ask you how to prepare such a culinary miracle. The great thing is that the dish is prepared very easily and quickly, as it is not baked. The recipe for this delicious Easter - and not only - you will find on the site "I love to cook."

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