Delicious bulgur cutlets with minced meat

Delicious bulgur cutlets with minced meat

Today I want to tell you a Turkish recipe on how to cook delicious meatballs from bulgur with minced meat. Incredibly fragrant and rich in oriental notes - they will immerse you in a real Turkish atmosphere. They are used as snacks, serving beautifully: with vegetable slices and herbs. By the way, garlic and creamy sauce goes well with such patties - this is what it is often served in the countries of the East. Well, let's start cooking our meat delicacy already.


On the dough for Turkish cutlets with filling:

  • 750 grams of small bulgur;
  • 300-400 grams of minced meat;
  • a couple of chicken eggs;
  • two middle onion heads;
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato paste;
  • one tablespoon of hot red pepper paste;
  • half a glass of flour;
  • half a glass of warm water.

For the filling for cutlets you will need:

  • 500 grams of minced meat;
  • two middle onion heads;
  • a bunch of green parsley;
  • butter - 70 grams;
  • salt and pepper (to taste);
  • 100 grams of chopped walnuts.

Bulgur cutlets with meat. Step by step recipe

    1. Let's start with the filling. We take the onion and cut it into very small cubes.
    2. We put the pan on medium heat, put the butter.
    3. When the oil is heated, throw the chopped onion into it. Stir and fry it until a beautiful golden brown crust is formed.
    4. After spreading the minced meat, mix all the ingredients. Fry until all excess liquid has evaporated (meaning liquid from minced meat).
    5. Remove the pan, salt and season the minced meat with black ground pepper to your liking.
    6. We take parsley, wash it under water, cut very finely. Shredded herbs are sent to the pan and mix.
    7. Then we take a walnut, chop it in any available way and send it after the parsley. Lightly fry. Remove and set aside the filling.
    8. Now let's find out how to quickly cook dough for meatballs with bulgur and minced meat.
    9. Take the onion and grind it on a grater or smash it with a blender.
    10. Then we drive in the eggs, add the tomato paste.
    11. Pour a little flour.
    12. After that, take a hot paste of red pepper.
    13. Add bulgur, add salt and start mixing all the ingredients by hand: if necessary, add some water - but do not rush.
    14. Bulgur absorbs moisture well. We need to knead the dough so that the consistency becomes homogeneous and sticky.
    15. Pour the minced meat and mix well. Gradually pour some water and mix regularly: we need all the liquid to be well absorbed.
    16. Divide the dough into identical balls. We begin to form Turkish cutlets with minced meat.
    17. We take one ball of dough, we make a deep dimple in the middle: at the same time we need to constantly wet our hands with water so that nothing sticks to them - and the dough is molded elasticly.
    18. With a spoon, carefully fill the hole of the ball with the filling: about two teaspoons.
    19. After gluing the top, forming a lemon shape from the dough. Put the patties on a tray.
    20. After the patties with the filling will be molded, put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes so that the patties do not disintegrate during frying.
    21. We put the pan on medium heat, pour in the oil. When it is heated, fry the bulgur cutlets with minced meat in a frying pan on both sides: until a beautiful golden brown color. Then we remove them, and place them on a paper towel so that all the excess oil is glass.
    22. We spread it on a beautiful plate and serve it on the table.

    Delicious and beautiful cutlets will impress true gourmet meat dishes. Just imagine: a slightly island meat dough with tender and juicy minced meat inside is unrealistically delicious. In addition to the recipe for minced meat patties, you will find many more international and national dishes on the “I love to cook” culinary site. Enjoy your meal!

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