Duck "just with apples"


I don’t have a question what to cook on the holiday table - a duck with apples for the New Year or Christmas is traditionally on our family table. Ahead of the Old New Year. Give it a try!


  • duck - 1 piece;
  • apples, better Antonovka - how much will fit inside the duck and around it on a baking sheet;
  • salt, pepper, garlic - to taste;
  • vegetable oil - grease a baking sheet.

Duck "Just with apples." Step by step recipe

  1. I rub the duck inside and out with a mixture of salt, garlic and pepper, leave it to soak for 1-2 hours.
  2. Then I fill the belly with apples cut into 4 parts; I can’t take out the bones - they will add their own touch in the aroma; I sew or with my toothpicks I chop off the abdomen.
  3. I grease the baking sheet with oil, I lay the duck belly up.
  4. I spread the halves of apples around; I put a lot - how much will go in! There are never too many apples)))
  5. Into the oven! Two hours at 180-160 degrees, sometimes I water the carcass with the allocated juice.

And here is a rosy, fragrant duck with apples on your table. No one needs to be called - everyone is already here, caught up in the smell. Garnish for this dish I do not. Apples serve as a sauce and a side dish. Open a bottle of champagne or red wine - and go. Sometimes I buy a few duck legs separately for a duck and bake it together - there is always not enough duck! Try it - you won’t drag it by the ears, as my grandmother said. We with "I love to cook" wish you bon appetit! Next time, try making a caramel duck with apples and cranberries or a duck with potatoes in your sleeve.

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