Dumplings with mushrooms


Dumplings with mushrooms

For those who want to diversify the menu during Lent, I propose to cook a very tasty dish - dumplings with mushrooms. Delicate, thin, choux pastry in combination with aromatic mushroom filling, seasoned with onion - this is a wonderful lunch. All my family loves such dumplings: they can be served boiled immediately to the table, or they can be prepared for the future and stored in the freezer. A delicious Ukrainian dish has a wide variety of fillings, one of them is mushroom, be sure to cook it right away.


  • flour - 2 glasses;
  • hot water —250 milliliters;
  • salt to taste;
  • vegetable oil — 2 tablespoons;
  • champignon mushrooms - 600 grams;
  • onions - 2 pieces;
  • salt to taste;
  • ground black pepper - to taste.

Dumplings with mushrooms. Step by step recipe

  1. Cooking lean custard dough. Sift flour into a deep bowl: it is better to take whole grains. Salt a little and add vegetable oil.
  2. Pour boiling water over the dough. Hot water will brew starch, which is contained in flour: and this will fundamentally change the whole structure of our dough. It becomes viscous, contains more moisture and holds its shape well. First, knead with a spoon, when the dough cools down a little - knead it with your hands.
  3. Sprinkle flour on a board or table surface, continue to knead our dough for 5-7 minutes.
  4. We leave the finished dough so that it “rests”.
  5. We begin to prepare the filling of mushrooms.
  6. My mushrooms, clean and cut into small cubes.
  7. Tip. It is better to choose champignons elastic, firm, with a light color - these are fresh, not stale mushrooms: they must be used for cooking. You can also use wild mushrooms for stuffing for lean dumplings: for example, porcini mushroom or Polish, in dried or fresh form. Only first you need to soak these mushrooms and be sure to boil them in several waters.
  8. We clean and cut two onions into cubes.
  9. In well-heated vegetable oil, fry the onion: until transparent. Then spread the mushrooms and fry until cooked. The stuffing stuffing for dumplings with mushrooms should be dry: otherwise it will be difficult to slice it into the dough. But champignons contain a lot of moisture, so they need to be fried until the moisture evaporates. It is not necessary to pour juice from mushrooms: it has the main taste and smell.
  10. At the end of cooking, mushroom stuffing for dumplings need a little salt and season with black ground pepper. Leave to cool completely.
  11. Now we begin to sculpt the dumplings themselves. Divide the dough into several parts, each of them is thinly rolled out, and with a cup or glass we make circles of the desired size. The peculiarity of the brewed dough is that it can be rolled out very thinly. Therefore, if necessary, you can add flour.
  12. In the middle of the circles, spread the filling with a teaspoon and carefully close the edges: so that the filling does not fall out during cooking.
  13. Dip the prepared formed dumplings in well-salted boiling water. We cook on high heat: because dumplings, when ingested, reduce its temperature.
  14. When we throw the dumplings into the pan, they need to be carefully prevented: otherwise they will stick. When the dumplings have surfaced, they need to be boiled for a few more minutes. Dumplings are prepared for 7-10 minutes: depending on size.
  15. We take out the boiled dumplings with mushroom filling with a slotted spoon from the pan and pour a little vegetable oil so that they do not stick together.
  16. Fry finely chopped onions in a frying pan. When the onion is ready, add the dumplings to it and mix well. You can fry a little with onions.
  17. Since we prepare lean dumplings, then fry the onion in vegetable oil. If you are cooking out of fasting, then you can use cracklings: it will be very satisfying and tasty.

There are many varieties of dumplings cooked in different ways: for example, steamed. And from a different test: for example, on kefir or whey. And how many kinds of various fillings - and not count! Learn more about cooking this wonderful Ukrainian dish - vareniki, find out on our website “I Love Cooking”. And let each of your dishes become a masterpiece of cooking.

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