Gourmet herring oil


Gourmet Herring Oil

I want to share with you a great snack, refined herring oil is incredibly tasty and tender. It is ideal as an addition to breakfast. Cooking will take you very little time and a minimum of financial costs.


  • one large herring with caviar;
  • butter - 300 grams;
  • salt to taste.

Gourmet herring oil. Step by step recipe

  1. We clean herring and parse it on filet.
  2. We pass the fish through the meat grinder along with the caviar.
  3. Melt the butter.
  4. Combine the chopped fish and oil. Mix well.
  5. If desired, salt can be added to taste.
  6. We spread herring oil in small jars, cover with lids and store in the freezer.

To spread this most tender herring oil on toasted bread croutons - an overeating! Its easily melting taste is simply beyond words. You want to eat such sandwiches once, again and many more, many times. Enjoy your meal. Only for "I love to cook." And be sure to pay attention to 5 incredibly delicious herring marinades and homemade herring marinade.

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