How deliciously salt red fish

How deliciously salt red fish

Today I want to share with you a recipe for the most delicious salted red fish. The cooking is very simple. No special skills required. My family just loves to eat salted fish with creamy or curd cheese. Be sure to try to cook this delicacy at home. Why a delicacy? In Russia, the word “red” has always been used to name all the most beautiful and significant. And red fish has always been the most valuable and delicious. We need very few ingredients for quick cooking.


  • red fish - 500 grams;
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon;
  • rock salt - 1 tablespoon.

How tasty salt red fish. Step cooking

  1. Take the red fish. Not sure which fish to buy? Now let me tell you. In general, the category of fish with red meat includes salmon, chum, trout, pink salmon and Far Eastern salmon. Salmon is fatter, trout is more tender, and pink salmon and chum salmon are not too fat, they can be sprinkled with olive oil a little before serving. If the question is the cost of products, then pink salmon is cheaper. It is better to buy chilled or frozen fish. If you take chilled - look at the color: it should be pale pink, and in no case yellow or bright red - this is an important condition. If the fish is frozen, find out if it has been re-frozen. Fish that is thawed back and forth, frozen, spoils and loses its taste.
  2. When you have decided on the choice of fish, you need to prepare the necessary equipment. If you took fresh fish - you need newspapers so as not to stain the table, a knife with a rounded end, a bowl of water to rinse the water inhabitant. If the fish is whole frozen - it needs to be thawed. Just remember that frozen fish should not be thawed in the microwave - this will ruin its taste, it is better to leave it on the table until completely thawed. To work with such fish, we need a cutting board and a sharp knife. Well, if you have already peeled fish fillet - go directly to step 8!
  3. Defrost frozen fish and cut it (if you have a whole fish) or, if the fish is fresh, you need to clean it of scales.
  4. So, if you have fish with scales, find a knife with a rounded end. Hold the fish firmly by the head and clean it from tail to head, pushing the knife quite hard. After the flakes have been removed from both sides, wash the fish.
  5. We insert a sharp knife under the tail and carry it along the belly to the head and remove all the insides. To avoid getting dirty, do it with gloves. Wash inside the fish.
  6. Now we cut off the head with a knife and remove the abdominal and dorsal fins with special kitchen scissors. Try to do everything carefully and not cut off the excess so that more meat goes to salting.
  7. We cut to the right and left of the spine and remove the remaining bones. Do not remove the peel! In the end, we should get two pieces of fish fillet with skin, which we will salt. And so as not to be tormented later with washing the table, wipe it immediately until the scales have time to dry and stick. Throw the remains of fish immediately into the trash can on the street, and if you have a garden or garden, bury it. They are very useful for plants!
  8. If the fillet is small, you can completely put it in a container, if the fish was very large - cut the fillet into large pieces.
  9. When the fish is prepared, take salt, sugar and mix.
  10. It is necessary to salt the fish on one side and on the other hand with a mixture. Rub the mixture a little into the skin and meat.
  11. Put in a container with a lid. I take an ordinary glass bowl with a lid. But many are advised to use wooden or enameled containers. You can also take a regular plastic container. But in no case do not take metal containers! The taste of metal will ruin our snack.
  12. Now the most important thing. Do you like salted fish? Then put the container in the refrigerator for a day, then drain the resulting juice, and enjoy your meal!
  13. If you like a medium-salted delicacy - put it in the refrigerator for a day, then take it out, drain the juice, cut into thin slices. This must be done carefully: try to remove the meat from the skin. Then put the fish back in the container and put it in the cold for another day.
  14. Well, if you like salted treats - keep the fish in the refrigerator for three days. Ready fish can be eaten, like my homemade ones, with cream cheese and bread, can be added to salads, and also very tasty with boiled potatoes. If it so happens that you can’t eat all the fish at once, and you are afraid that it will disappear, you can freeze it. We take a piece, wrap it with cling film and put it in the freezer, and when you decide to eat, put it in the refrigerator for two or three hours, and enjoy your meal!

Well, you have learned how to salt red fish step by step correctly. Whenever you eat something tasty, you want it to be of use. But, unfortunately, there is little benefit from sweets and cakes, but from red fish - yes. You need to think for a long time before you can remember something more useful than this product. Gathering a Complete Guest House? Love to eat tasty and healthy together? Then go to the Very Delicious website, where you will find many more cool recipes!

Photos and videos belong to Olga Matvey

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