How to cook porridge. unique tips

How to cook porridge. Unique tips!

We will not write about the benefits of cereals for our body, because it is not for nothing that pediatricians from all over the world advise introducing cereals into children’s complementary foods, starting from the age of seven months. Cereals have everything you need for our body. But not everyone knows how to cook this or that cereal correctly. Some types of cereals are best soaked overnight, and some are even mixed with an egg. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but consider all the tricks and these rules for cooking cereals.

  1. To cook aromatic and rice porridge from milk, it is necessary to bring milk (1 liter) to a boil, add salt and sugar to it if desired. For such an amount of milk we take 1 glass of rice, rinse it and put it into boiling milk, cook for no more than 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat and wrap it for 30 minutes. Porridge is ready.   
  2. If you soak buckwheat at night, in the morning just rinse the groats once, pour new water, bring the groats to a boil and the porridge is ready. And to make buckwheat without soaking, you need to take a glass of buckwheat and twice as much water, bring to a boil. Then remove from heat, wrap in a towel and after 15 minutes we eat tasty and healthy buckwheat porridge.

3. If you cook oatmeal in the evening, then in the morning they will be many times tastier. To do this, take one glass of oatmeal and three glasses of milk, bring to a boil. Then wrap and leave overnight. In the morning, just warm the cereal with butter.


4. And to make semolina porridge without lumps and very tender, you need to take 4 tablespoons of semolina and pour one liter of cold milk, stirring continuously, bring to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes. Then remove the pan from the heat, add the butter and leave for 10 minutes, covered with a lid.        


5. And if you know one little secret, your groats will always be perfectly crumbly. To do this, mix any cereal with a raw egg, pour boiling water and boil until cooked.

6. And porridge can also be cooked in a water bath: it turns friable and does not burn. The proportions of water and cereals are as usual, and add oil at the end of cooking.

7. To prepare aromatic wheat porridge, it is necessary to fry a glass of cereal in a dry pan until the cereal starts to produce a pleasant aroma. Put the groats in a pan, pour boiling water (2 cups). Butter, salt, sugar to taste. Cook porridge for 15 minutes, turn off, wrap and leave for another 30 minutes. The porridge is incredibly tasty!


8. In order for the barley to be friable and aromatic, rinse the grains, fill with cold water and put on fire, cook for 5 minutes after boiling. Drain and rinse well. Then, on a glass of porridge, take two glasses of water, and put it on the fire again. Cook until all liquid has evaporated. The porridge is very crumbly.


Unique tips for cooking crumbly cereals only for readers of the portal "I love to cook." Enjoy your meal. And be sure to try to cook delicious buckwheat in a merchant style and Hutsul traditional banosh dish.

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