How to make lush pancakes

How to make lush pancakes

Fritters - one of the most popular dishes with us. This is an excellent breakfast, snack, and for dessert with delicious jam they will do. And how many sweet and unsweetened options, with various fillings - do not count!

There are options for making yeast dough. But today “I Love Cooking” will tell you how to achieve incredible splendor of pancakes mixed with yogurt or yogurt.

Let's look at the secrets of making a lush and delicious fritters.

Secret number 1: flour

For the splendor of pancakes, it is recommended to use premium wheat flour. In various variations, corn, buckwheat, semolina, etc. are also added. It is imperative that flour be sifted for pancakes, sift flour, and preferably 2 times. By this we enrich it with oxygen, so the pancakes are more airy.

Secret number 2: the consistency of the test

The most important indicator of splendor fritters is the consistency of the dough. It should be homogeneous, without lumps, not just thick, but not to drip, but to fall off a spoon. It should not spread in the pan.

Secret # 3: food temperature

Use non-cold foods to make pancakes. If you plan to bake pancakes, it is recommended to remove kefir and eggs from the refrigerator in advance. Since cold kefir reacts worse with soda.

Secret No. 4: “rested dough”

After you knead the dough, you need to leave it to "rest" for 15 - 20 minutes. This will allow the gluten of the flour to swell, and the dough will become more elastic, and soda will show its better reaction with kefir. As a result, the pancakes will be more magnificent.

Secret No. 5: to improve aroma

The presence of a more pronounced aroma makes pancakes even more palatable and tastier. Therefore, you can add vanillin to them if you bake sweet, and finely chopped greens, if salty.

Secret No. 6: additives and fillers

For the purposes of experiments with taste, you can add various fillings: apples, berries, raisins, minced meat, sausage. But I recommend crumbling everything very finely and adding too much, otherwise a heavy filling can affect the splendor of pancakes.

Secret number 7: the use of utensils

When mixing the dough, it is better to use a deep bowl and a whisk in order to knead the dough as well as possible. Of course, you can use other types of dishes, but to achieve a uniform test you will have to make more efforts. When frying pancakes, use a thick-walled pan that bakes well, evenly over the entire surface. Thin-bottomed pans do not so well maintain the overall temperature. On the one hand, fritters can burn, on the other, remain damp, and they do not have enough temperature to rise well.

Secret number 8: the frying process

First you need to heat a dry pan well, only then pour vegetable oil. After the oil has reached its temperature, pour the dough with a spoon. To check if the oil has warmed up, drip the dough in one edge, if there are bubbles around the dough, then it is already possible. Try to keep a distance between each pancake so that they do not stick together when you separate them, yanking, the dough may settle slightly.

Lush fritters

The recipe for universal pancakes can be used both for ordinary curvy pancakes, and with various fillings and fillers. They are prepared very quickly and easily.


  • kefir - 2 glasses;
  • flour - 500 grams (be guided by the consistency of the dough, but it should be moderately thick so as not to drip from the spoon);
  • eggs - 1 - 2 pieces;
  • soda - 1 teaspoon;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sunflower oil for frying.

Fritters are magnificent. Step by step recipe

  1. Add sugar, soda and salt to kefir at room temperature, mix well. If the reaction to kefir is sluggish, then add a drop of vinegar.
  2. Gradually add the sifted flour, stirring constantly.
  3. Beat the egg lightly and pour it into the dough, mix well. At this stage, you can add various toppings (apples, berries, fruits, etc.)
  4. Cover with cling film and leave the dough to “rest” for 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature.
  5. Preheat the pan, add oil, fry the pancakes on both sides until golden.

Lush pancakes on kefir are ready! Serve them with sour cream, any jams, creams, honey and enjoy a delicious taste! Cooking deliciously easy and simple, following the tips on “Very tasty”! Next time please relatives with equally tasty pancakes on the water.

Enjoy your meal!

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