Picasso chicken


Picasso Chicken

Picasso's chicken is truly luxurious. Her taste is simply amazing. Cook this dish and your household will be delighted. Tender, fragrant and at the same time, a chicken that is rich in taste will not leave anyone indifferent!


  • chicken fillet - 1 kilogram;
  • leek - 1 piece;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 3 pieces;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • tomatoes - half a kilogram;
  • spices to taste;
  • salt, pepper - to taste;
  • cheese - 150 grams;
  • cream 30% - 1 cup;
  • vegetable oil - for frying;
  • greens - for decoration.

Picasso Chicken. Step by step recipe

  1. To start, to prepare our dish, cut the chicken into small pieces, fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Salt and pepper to taste, also add spices.
  2. Finely chop the onion, chop the bell pepper and tomatoes into small cubes.
  3. When the chicken is ready, put it on a baking sheet covered with foil.
  4. After the chicken, send the onion to the pan, lightly pass it.
  5. Then spread the onion over the chicken.
  6. Stew tomatoes, bell peppers and cream under a closed lid for about 10 minutes.
  7. Pour our chicken into the prepared sauce.
  8. We send to the oven for half an hour.
  9. Grate the cheese, finely chop the garlic, after a while open the oven and sprinkle the chicken with cheese and garlic. Cook until a crust forms at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Finish the finished dish with finely chopped herbs and serve. Cook with the Very Delicious team! And next time we will cook chicken in lace and a delicious chicken in the oven!

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