Pork chops in a pan


Pork chops in a pan

Pork chops in a pan - this is one of the favorite meat dishes on the festive table. Tasty and incredibly juicy meat can conquer any person. Once it conquered me. I was visiting my aunt and tried this delicacy: since then I have been preparing it for my family. Today I will tell you how to properly fry a chop so that it does not lose juice and has found a beautiful appetizing crisp. So, for a start we will decide on products.


  • 800 grams of pork neck;
  • 150 grams of hard cheese;
  • 1 kilogram of potatoes;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • about 1 head of garlic (optional and taste);
  • ginger root;
  • a teaspoon of salt and black pepper;
  • a tablespoon of oil (you can use both sunflower and olive).

Pork chops in the pan. Step by step recipe

  1. We take the meat and cut into large pieces: such as a steak. Cover it with cling film. Now we need to beat the fillet on both sides: for this we should use a kitchen hammer.
  2. Garlic is passed through a press and sent to a work bowl.
  3. We clean the ginger root and chop it, add it to the garlic. If you do not like its taste, then you can exclude it from the chops recipe in a pan.
  4. Salt and pepper our garlic-ginger mixture, add a spoonful of vegetable or olive oil.
  5. Now the resulting consistency is coated with a good pork chops on both sides. Set the meat aside.
  6. We take the potatoes and peel them. Next, grind it on a small grater. Salt to taste. Potato juice is formed at the bottom of the plate: we drain it.
  7. We beat the egg into the grated potatoes and mix thoroughly.
  8. Beat a couple of eggs with a mixer and leave in a plate.
  9. Now take the fillet, dip into the beaten egg mass.
  10. We put the potato mass on the bottom and top of the chop.
  11. We heat the working container for frying. We send the pork chop to the pan. This must be done carefully so that the potatoes do not crumble from below.
  12. On a low heat in a pan, fry our juicy chops on both sides.
  13. Grate hard cheese. When you turn the meat over and it is almost done, sprinkle a little cheese on top and cover. When the cheese is completely melted - you can remove the chop.
  14. Therefore, fry all the chops in a pan.

Tips for cooking delicious chops in a pan

  1. Choosing the right piece of meat. To cook a chop it is better to choose a thigh, meat from a shoulder blade or a collar. The color of the fillet should be in light pink colors. Pay attention to the presence of a layer of fat. It is these indicators that affect how tasty and juicy the pork chop in the pan will turn out.
  2. Meat thickness. It is necessary to cut the fillet exclusively across the meat fibers, in pieces, about 1.5 cm in size. Such criteria will allow you to thoroughly fry pork.
  3. To dry the pork. It should be washed, and then leave the meat to dry. If this is not done, then excess water will mix with oil, and the fillet will not get a golden crust. In order for the chop to become juicy, the crust should appear as quickly as possible — so that less juice flows out of the chop.
  4. Thaw fillet properly. This is best done in vivo, at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to defrost meat in the microwave or under running water. Such methods adversely affect the taste characteristics of chops.
  5. Proper meat chopping. This must be done carefully so that not all the juice flows out. If you beat off too hard, you can get rubber meat.
  6. Proper frying. In the recipe for delicious juicy pork chops, an important role is assigned to the frying process. It is best to use a non-stick container for these purposes. If this is not possible, then pour a little oil and warm it up well. The average duration of roasting pork is 3 minutes.

So you got acquainted with the recipe for pork chops cooked in a pan. Following a step-by-step recipe and tips, cooking juicy and tasty meat is very easy. On the site "I like to cook" you can find other interesting dishes.

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