Pork shank saltison


Pork Shank Saltison

Just yesterday, I made a homemade salticone from pork shank. I did it for the first time, and I want to say that the result pleased me. The insanely juicy, fragrant piece of pork saltisone just melts in your mouth. It did not take me very long to prepare it, and the financial costs are not very large. Today, along with “I love to cook,” I want to share a recipe for making salttison from pork shank at home.


  • two kilograms of pork shank;
  • head of garlic;
  • a bunch of fresh parsley;
  • spices to taste.

Saltison from pork shank. Step by step recipe

  1. Take the pork knuckle. Look, if you want to make a little saltison, then you can take shank less than that given in the recipe.
  2. Cook the shank for 3-4 hours. Cooking time depends on the size of the shank itself.
  3. When the knuckle is ready, take it out of the water and let it cool.
  4. From the cooled shank, we get the bone and separate the skin. If fat remains on the skin, then it must be carefully cleaned.
  5. Using a sharp knife, chop the meat finely.
  6. Pass the garlic through the press.
  7. Finely chop the greens.
  8. Now we combine meat, fat, greens and garlic. Then add ground black pepper and salt to taste. Well, even very well, all this needs to be mixed.
  9. We take the form and cover it with cling film. You need to send the film so that the edges of the film hang.
  10. At the bottom of the form and on the sides of the film we put the skin.
  11. And only now we put the meat. And here there is a very important point, the meat must be pressed very well.
  12. We send the form with Saltison to the refrigerator under the press for the night.

I want to add from myself, I also made a saltison according to this recipe from a pig’s head. It turned out very tasty too. "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit! And be sure to try the rabbit rosemary recipe and an equally interesting recipe for making spicy lamb leg with prunes.

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