Raw potato dumplings


Raw Potato Dumplings

My grandmother came from the Urals (and my childhood passed there) and she always made dumplings with raw potatoes. We moved to the Volga, and here no one even heard of such a dish: for them, dumplings with potatoes are dumplings with mashed potatoes. But this is not at all !!! Dumplings stuffed with raw potatoes and onions are much tastier, more aromatic. This is a very simple and satisfying dish. The next day, fried with butter in a pan, dumplings are only getting better. Believe me, in words you just can’t convey what kind of goodies it is. You just have to cook and try. And you will never want other dumplings anymore !!!



  • 2 cups (with a small hill) of flour;
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • 0.5 teaspoon of salt;
  • 1 cup boiling water.


  • potatoes - 4 pieces of medium size;
  • onions - 1 piece (large);
  • salt.

Lean dumplings with raw potatoes. Step by step recipe

We make dough for dumplings.

  1. In a special dish (I have a large cup for kneading dough), sift the flour with a slide, salt it, make a small depression, pour in vegetable oil and boiling water.
  2. Stir: we get flour lumps of different sizes.
  3. Let cool slightly and knead smooth dough: first in a cup, and then on the table. If it suddenly sticks, dust the table with flour (literally a tablespoon of flour will leave, no more).
  4. We cover the dough and let stand literally 15-20 minutes.
  5. At this time, prepare the filling: very finely chop the onions and raw potatoes. Mix and squeeze the excess juice.
  6. Salt (I still put black ground pepper for taste) put right before the start of modeling dumplings, otherwise the vegetables will give juice. For the same reason, it is better to keep the filling of raw potatoes in a colander so that excess fluid drains.
  7. We make dumplings in a convenient way (my grandmother sculpted me in the shape of a bonnet, but I don’t know how, sculpt in the usual way).
  8. Cook dumplings with raw potatoes for about 15 minutes - until the potatoes are ready (but, by the way, a little undercooked potatoes are much tastier than overcooked ones).
  9. After you get the dumplings, drop a piece of butter in a bowl (grease them with vegetable oil in a post) and shake well (cover the plate with dumplings with another deep plate from above and shake it intensively from top to bottom) so that the butter is evenly distributed and the dumplings do not stick together .

The only nuisance: dumplings stuffed with raw potatoes can not be frozen raw, they are not suitable for long-term storage - the potatoes darken and the dumplings become very ugly.

Traditionally, dumplings with raw potatoes are served with sour cream (you’re licking your fingers, honestly), and for those who observe the fast, onions with mushrooms fried in vegetable oil (mind you’ll eat) are suitable. Dumplings that have not been eaten, another time you can just fry in butter (or vegetable) oil - again, it is very tasty and a completely different dish. I wish you bon appétit. On the site "I love to cook" you will always find recipes for familiar dishes in an unusual way. And be sure to try fried dumplings and lazy pumpkin dumplings!

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