Steamed dumplings

Steamed Dumplings

One of my favorite dishes is lush steamed dumplings. And my mother is just an ass for preparing goodies from yeast dough. How many have already tried, but such dumplings, like my mother, I have not met. They are soft, fluffy, you can bite off your lips. The steamed dumplings recipe, as it turned out, is very simple, and today I want to share it on “Very Delicious”.


  • milk - 0.5 liters;
  • flour - 1-1.2 kilograms;
  • sugar - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • pressed yeast - 40 grams;
  • vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon.

For filling:

  • raspberries - 700 grams;
  • sugar to taste;
  • butter - 50 grams.

Lush steamed dumplings. Step by step recipe

  1. To prepare the dough, add yeast, sugar, salt to slightly warmed milk, stir until the ingredients are completely dissolved.
  2. Add the sifted flour in small portions. When it becomes difficult to mix with a spoon, put it on the table, sprinkled with flour, and continue to knead with your hands. As a result, the dough will be soft, elastic, but if you give the shape of a ball and put on the table, it will not spread.
  3. We give the test the shape of a ball and leave it to come for 20-40 minutes.
  4. We roll out the dough for dumplings with a rolling pin about 1 centimeter thick.
  5. Using a thin-walled glass, we cut out the mugs; first, the glass must be dipped in flour so that the dough does not stick.
  6. Put the filling and about 0.5 teaspoon of sugar on each circle. We fasten the edges, trying to press as tight as possible so that the dumpling does not fall apart during the process.
  7. To steam the dumplings, use a regular wide pan half full of water, pull on top of cheesecloth, folded in 2 layers, and secure with an elastic band.
  8. When the water boils, put the dumplings on the cheesecloth, cover with a high lid (my mother uses a bowl). This lid (bowl) should fit well to the edges of the pan and not let steam in.
  9. Cook for 4 minutes and you can shoot. Lubricate immediately so that they do not stick together.

Dumplings are ready! Serve with sour cream. Look how magnificent they turned out! So melt in your mouth! So easily and quickly you can cook lush dumplings with yeast. Join us on “Delicious”, surprise your loved ones with delicious dishes and share your impressions! Enjoy your meal! And next time we will cook dumplings with cheese and herbs or the most delicious dumplings with potatoes!

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