Stuffed onions

Stuffed onions

Stuffed onions - the recipe for its preparation is extremely simple. The dish is very fragrant! And most importantly - very useful!


  • onion - 10 pieces;
  • boiled buckwheat - 2 tablespoons;
  • champignons - 150 grams;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • wheat flour - 3 tablespoons;
  • sour cream - ½ cup;
  • grated cheese - 2 tablespoons;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • salt, pepper - to taste;
  • mushroom broth cube - 1 piece.

Stuffed Onions. Step by step recipe

  1. We clean the onion from the husk. Cut off the top by about ⅓ of the bulb. We remove the middle. Leave only a few layers.
  2. My mushrooms, cut into small pieces. Stew mushrooms on a small amount of oil for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Mix buckwheat with mushrooms and an egg. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. We take our prepared onion and fill it with the filling.
  5. Put the onion in a special baking dish. Pre-oiled. Bake for 20 minutes.
  6. Let's make the sauce. Dissolve the bouillon cube in boiled water. Mix with flour and sour cream. Cook a little.
  7. Pour half-prepared onion with sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for another 5 minutes.

If you are tired of stuffed peppers or zucchini, then stuffed onions are exactly what you need! The dish is very juicy and delicious! "I love to cook" wishes you bon appetit! We also want to tell you how to store onions properly, and share the recipe for onion soup.

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