Tasty mackerel in the oven with onion sauce


Tasty mackerel in the oven with onion sauce

Tasty mackerel in the oven will become a culinary masterpiece, if you correctly choose spices and spices. In YouTube, I found an interesting recipe, and could not help but be surprised at the abundance of seasonings that the cook used. However, men really liked this fish. When baking a dish for girlfriends, I still slightly reduced the amount of salt, did not lay garlic and hot peppers. During cooking, you should pay attention to the taste of soy sauce, as it can be different: brackish or quite saturated, sweetish and with various additives. For the portal “I like to cook,” I will try to supplement a simple recipe for mackerel baked with onions, useful tips and answer frequently asked questions of my friends.


  • frozen mackerel - 2 pieces;
  • onions (medium size) - 2-3 pieces;
  • lemon (small) - 0.5 pieces;
  • bitter red pepper (pod) - to taste;
  • seasoning for fish (without salt) - 1 teaspoon;
  • ginger (dry) - 2 teaspoons;
  • soy sauce (moderately salty) - 3 tablespoons;
  • black pepper and salt to taste;
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
  • sunflower oil (refined) - 3 tablespoons.

Tasty mackerel in the oven. Step by step recipe

  1. In order for a mackerel, baked with onions, to taste amazing and healthy, it must be carefully prepared and marinated in an interesting sauce. It is advisable to defrost the fish in the refrigerator, leaving it overnight in a long and deep container. After rinsing, remove excess moisture with a towel. Remove the head with the tail and fins, free the carcass from the insides. From the inside, it is imperative to clean from a thin film of black color, since because of it, the fish acquires a specific bitter taste. Rinse the product again, wipe with a towel.
  2. Peel fresh onions, finely chop, pour into a container. Component salt and mash, as it should let the juice.
  3. Place the whole mackerel on the board, make shallow cuts at a distance of 3-4 centimeters (required on both sides). The product must be salted, grated with fish seasoning, dry ginger and black pepper. Rub the spices thoroughly into the incisions, optionally walk along the inside of the carcass. Place the fish on an onion pillow.
  4. Wash one lemon in hot water, thoroughly wipe with a waffle towel, grate the yellow part of the peel on a grater with small teeth. Add the zest to the fish.
  5. In a container with mackerel pour soy sauce, sunflower oil (olive can be). The main thing is that it should be odorless: otherwise your guests may not like the recipe for delicious mackerel.
  6. Squeeze the garlic using a cooking device or grate finely. With an effort to roll the lemon on the table surface, cut into two parts, squeeze the juice from one half of the citrus in a saucer. Be sure to remove the seeds, pour into the mackerel with soy sauce and onions. For lovers of salty food: you can add some more spices.
  7. Mix all components of the container thoroughly so that the mackerel is well saturated with spicy components. Cover or wrap and refrigerate. It is enough to wait 20 minutes for the fish to be ready for baking.
  8. If desired, lay a deep form with a piece of foil: to make dishes easier to wash. Grind hot peppers and toss into a container, laying seeds aside. I do not really like spicy food, so I added only half a teaspoon of the burning component.
  9. Put the fish on a board, peeling off onion slices. Place the whole marinade in a baking dish. Two mackerels can be “planted” on the resulting fragrant pillow: a step-by-step recipe will help you prepare a really gourmet dish!
  10. Put the oven into the “Grill” mode, turn it on to the maximum (approximately 240 degrees). When the oven warms up, place a baking sheet with the product. After 5-7 minutes, pull out, with the help of two silicone blades, turn the carcasses to the other side and return to the oven. However, you must make sure that the top is golden and well baked.
  11. After 7 minutes, remove the mackerel with lemon and onions from the oven, transfer to a dish, cover with foil so that it does not cool. From the pan, collect the whole marinade, transfer to the blender bowl, puree and serve as a sauce.
  12. Baked fish tastes amazing, so I had to share the recipe with my friends. However, some friends began to complain that the dish comes out too full and specific taste. How to cook mackerel tasty? It's all about the amount of spices and the composition of the fish seasoning.
  • If ground ginger is included, it is advisable to exclude it from the recipe or put just one pinch.
  • Curry does not go well with soy sauce, and is more suitable for meat dishes. Of course, in small quantities it gives the mackerel an amazing shade, but there is a small nuance. Soy sauce is considered an excellent flavor enhancer. If even a small amount of curry is included in the seasoning, then along with the Japanese dressing, the spice comes to the fore, interrupting the remaining components. I recommend completely eliminating this spice.

If you strictly follow the step-by-step recipe, a mackerel with a golden crust and original onion sauce will be the most desired dish! It comes out incredibly juicy and tender, slightly sour and spicy, as well as with an interesting flavor of soy sauce. The garnish is perfect for fried or boiled potatoes, vegetable stew or salad.

Now you know how tasty it is to bake mackerel in order to surprise guests and your household.

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