Tender liver patties with potatoes


Tender liver patties with potatoes

If you want to diversify your diet a little, I propose to cook unusual liver patties with potatoes. They are quite simple to prepare, and they turn out to be very tender, juicy and tasty. When the question “what to cook eat” drives me into a dead end, I think of these cutlets, and everyone is satisfied. Liver cutlets are made so quickly that you can immediately put some side dish to cook, and it will be ready at the same time as cutlets.


  • liver - 1 kilogram;
  • unsalted fat - 400-500 grams;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • egg - 2 pieces;
  • flour - 1 cup;
  • potatoes - 2-3 pieces;
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
  • salt;
  • pepper.

Tender liver patties with potatoes. Step cooking

  1. Let's start cooking with the liver. I took a pig, you can use beef. When you buy this ingredient, pay attention to color and smell. Fresh liver should be brownish even color, not have spots. To the touch - smooth and elastic. On the cut - wet and porous. The smell is sweetish, pleasant. If these conditions are met and the liver is bought fresh - this is already 50% success.
  2. The liver must be soaked in water or milk. It is necessary that our cutlets turn out even more juicy and tasty.
  3. Dice the liver. Use a sharp knife.
  4. Now you need to grind. As you are comfortable, so do it. For example, I use a blender. But if you don’t have one, you can use a food processor or a meat grinder.
  5. We prepare vegetables. Wash and peel the potatoes.
  6. We cut the peeled potatoes into several parts and send them into a blender bowl.
  7. Now onion. It also needs to be cleaned, cut into several parts.
  8. We clean the garlic. To make it faster, crush the garlic with the side of the knife, it is easier to peel off. Add to the onions and potatoes.
  9. Take lard, cut the skin and add to the vegetables.
  10. The last ingredient in the blender is eggs. Break 2 pieces into the same bowl. Use only fresh eggs.
  11. Grind. You should get a light homogeneous mass.
  12. Now you need to add the ground ingredients to the liver.
  13. Pour flour into the same bowl. She is needed to glue all the ingredients.
  14. Salt and pepper to taste.
  15. Now you need to mix everything very well. You should get a dough of such consistency as for thick pancakes.
  16. We put the pan on the fire, pour the vegetable oil.
  17. Spread our cutlets with a spoon. Try to give them the shape of ordinary cutlets. Do not pick up a full spoon, form small neat cutlets.
  18. Need to fry over low heat. When they are browned on one side, turn over and wait until they are fried on the other side. It is convenient to turn over with a spatula and fork, holding the patties on both sides.
  19. When the second side is reddened, remove the cutlets from the pan. If you poured a lot of oil, and the cutlets turned out to be greasy, put them on a paper towel - it will absorb excess.
  20. You can serve anything with a side dish: rice, buckwheat, pasta, any kind of potato, fresh vegetables or salads.

Now you know how to cook liver patties with potatoes. They are incredibly tasty, juicy and very tender. You can eat them both hot and cold. This dish is suitable for lunch and dinner. Treat relatives and friends. Share recipes with them. And often look at “Very Delicious”, we still have many recipes that you will like! Enjoy your meal!

Photos and videos belong to Svetlana Chernova

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