The best homemade ham

The best homemade ham

The best homemade ham is a combination of several types of meat, making it juicy and savory. Spice is added to piquancy, which will reveal all the charms of pork and beef. Boiled marble ham holds its shape perfectly and does not crumble when sliced. By the way, no frying and shells - only clean meat, with a minimum amount of fat. The incredible taste and mouth-watering aroma will present a real pleasure: homemade ham will be a great substitute for the store. Try it: you will definitely enjoy pork and beef ham cooked at home.


  • meat - 1 kilogram (300 grams of lean pork, pork with fat, beef and 100 grams of bacon or lard);
  • salt - 17 grams;
  • black pepper peas (to taste);
  • other spices for meat dishes (at your discretion).

The best homemade marble ham. Step by step recipe

  1. First we take the beef, rinse well with water and cut into small cubes.
  2. Then we grind the bacon in small pieces, which gives the ham, cooked at home from pork and other meat, juiciness and piquancy.
  3. We divide the pork neck into two identical pieces. We cut one of them into cubes, and from the second we make very small stuffing. To do this, you can use a meat grinder or a blender: grind the fillet to a pasty state. We need minced meat to tie pieces of meat together.
  4. Pour chopped meat and minced meat into a deep container.
  5. Pour peas of pepper into the mortar (I use both black and fragrant), thoroughly push it, add to the meat.
  6. Then season with spices at your discretion: I use dried cranberries and marjoram. Salt the meat consistency, and mix all the ingredients well together. We cover the container with a lid and put in the refrigerator for several hours, so that the mass is infused.
  7. We roll out the cling film, spread the third part of the meat mixture on one edge. Moisturize your hands with water, and carefully compress the meat, forming a sausage. Then tightly wrap a roll. If you notice air bubbles, then take a toothpick and carefully pierce the tubercle so that the film fits snugly to the meat. Thus, the beef and pork ham will turn out smooth and whole, as indicated in the recipe.
  8. After that, grab the sausage by the tails and roll back and forth along the work surface: this way the ham will become even denser and tastier.
  9. We roll the film again: put the sausage on the edge, squeeze the tails under the bottom and wrap the second layer. We roll ham on the surface: as in the first case. Then we make the third and fourth layer of the film using the same technology.
  10. We form two more sausage bars in the same way. In total, according to this recipe for homemade ham from pork and beef, three sticks are obtained.
  11. We put a saucepan with water on a low fire and heat it: the temperature should not exceed 80 degrees - that is, we do not bring to a boil. Then immerse the homemade ham, cover with a lid and cook according to the recipe: about 2.5 hours.
  12. Further, according to the recipe, boiled ham should be cooled to room temperature: since it is recommended it is cold. After, for several hours, send it to the refrigerator: in this way the sausage will become more fragrant and dense.
  13. With a knife, carefully remove the shell, cut into slices and serve. Homemade ham is very tasty and stored for a long time.

Now you know how to cook the most delicious ham at home. Delight yourself and your loved ones with a fragrant and juicy delicacy. You will find more recipes on our Very Delicious website - we have only the best recipes!

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