The most delicious herring oil with caviar

The most delicious herring oil with caviar

The most delicious herring oil with caviar is obtained only by my grandmother’s recipe. How many I have not tried herring oil recipes, but this one is the most delicious. My grandmother knew how to feed me as a child. You will prepare such oil at home, spread it on bread and sit, savor it. I just love a sandwich with this butter and a hot coffee maker. Oh, and goodies! It’s easy to cook. Do not believe? See for yourself.


  • 100 grams of butter;
  • caviar from one herring;
  • brown bread - for serving;
  • green onions - 2-3 branches.

The most delicious herring oil with caviar. Step by step recipe

  1. For our herring caviar, you need to take butter, remove it from the refrigerator in advance and leave it for a couple of hours at room temperature so that it softens and slightly melts.
  2. Transfer the soft butter into a bowl or blender, and begin to whisk it slowly.
  3. Tip. Only butter is suitable for this recipe: and by no means a spread (and there is nothing to say about margarine). You only spoil the dish with them.
  4. For our herring oil we will take the caviar and add to the blender, for further joint whipping. Instead of herring caviar, you can take fish milk. The taste of the finished dish will change slightly, but it will not get worse.
  5. When the mass becomes homogeneous - the dish is ready. Serve it best with brown bread toast, adding a sprig of greens, a few feathers of green onions. Such a sandwich will go well with vegetables. Yes, with anything: it will still be very tasty.

Well? I did not deceive you? Have you ever seen such a quick and simple dish? Even it takes longer to boil the eggs. You should transfer herring oil to a glass jar, which must have a lid. Keep it in the refrigerator. Eat chilled: but not frozen. Be sure to go to the “I Love Cooking” website: here you will find many excellent recipes. Enjoy your meal!

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